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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Scooter & education


Yesterday we got a cute little foster kitten named Scooter.  He’s a real sweetie and LOVES to be near me at all times.  However, he is about as graceful as a drunken 3-legged dog. With one eye.  So far he has fallen off the bed, sofa (twice), the bathroom vanity, and the coffee table.  He ran into the wall, the door, and my leg.  He’s gotten his paw hung up on various textiles of the household variety and needed my rescue efforts.  He recently tried to run under a dresser and nearly knocked himself out in the process. Sighs.

But he’s cute- really cute.  He has a round pumpkin face, a huge belly, and is fuzzy like a teddy bear.  When Nathan is nursing, he will climb up near my shoulder. Nathan is fascinated with the little fuzzy thing and watches him.  Scooter is equally fascinated with the squeaky bald thing and stares right back.  We were going to let Scooter stay in our bedroom at night because he’s just a tiny little kitten.  However, he climbed into the bassinet with Nathan and decided to play a harmless game of “mouse under the covers” with Nathan’s foot. So little Scooter was moved into the bathroom instead.


Today I contacted our financial adviser about setting up Nathan’s college savings fund.  I’ve been researching the 529 plan and wanted to know his take on it.  So he pointed me in the right direction on the best sites to research it.  On the website, they have this little college cost calculator.  I put in all the required info and it crunched the numbers for me.  I almost choked when I saw the total cost- $312,166.  I turn white (-er) just typing the darn thing.  It says that we need to save $338 for the next 17 years to cover the rising cost of tuition over that time period.  That’s insane.  I’m hoping (praying and wishing) that Nathan will be a smart-tater and earn a decent scholarship or two.  Guess we’ll see.


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