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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Nathan’s Daddy Made him cry, and Mommy did too…

Nathan had himself a rough evening yesterday.  Both mommy AND daddy made the poor baby cry.

What daddy did:

Daddy made a loud noise to him and startled Nathan. Nathan, in slow motion, curled his lips down into a huge frown, turned beet red, and started screaming and turning away from his daddy. I quickly “rescued” him and pulled him close in order to comfort him. He started to calm down after a minute. Then, his daddy tried to reach over and touch his  hand. Nathan saw it and pulled his hand away from him and clinged onto my shirt. He started to cry again.  Chris said he’d never felt so badly in his whole life as he did when he made the poor baby cry.

What mommy did:

I had to clip his fingernails.  I got to the 8th finger and accidently nicked the tip of his finger. He started screaming and his little finger started bleeding. I almost started to cry myself cause I hurt my baby boy. I put pressure on it to stop the bleeding, then dressed it with antibiotic ointment cut a band-aid to fit his tiny little finger.  I felt sooo badly for him.

After both incidents, he calmed down and forgot all about it.  Now if only I can do the same…


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