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Daddy Day Care

I had a very productive day yesterday but wore myself out in the process. The house was clean, the laundry folded and put away, dinner cooked, and the baby had been played with and loved to pieces.  I could barely keep my eyes open around 8:30pm. Since I knew I would be up until around 12 or 1am, I decided to lay down for about an hour and left C in charge of Nathan. I handed Nathan to C, who up until then had been relaxing after dinner on his computer in his freshly laundered night clothes.  I laid down on the couch, closed my eyes, and drifted off into a much needed nap…

An hour later I awoke and took in the scene before me.  C was standing in front of the TV, looking completely frazzled as he desperately bounced a very fussy baby.  Nathan had on a new change of clothes and C was covered in spit-up.  Several used burp cloths and bibs were laying around the living room.  A used bottle sat on the side table and the baby formula was open and various bottle parts were scattered across the kitchen counters.

I put together the sequence of events that occurred in the last hour: C thought he simply sit Nathan down beside him while he continued to stay on his computer when Nathan started to fuss.  “No problem,” he probably told himself, “cry = bottle.”  He gave Nathan a bottle, which he happily finished.  Then Nathan started to fuss again. C applied the “cry=bottle” equation. Nathan finished the bottle, started to fuss, and C applied it for the 3rd time, completely overfeeding Nathan, resulting in no small amount of projectile spit-up.  Nathan, who was probably fussing because he was bored and wanted to be played with, is now fussy because he is over-full and his reflux bothers him.  C, desperate to let me finish my hour-long nap, stands up and cradles the baby and bounces him in front of the TV, which seems to be the only thing that placates him.  Nathan’s belly is soothed by the bouncing and he is entertained by the TV and remains calm as long as C keeps it up.

Or so I guessed.

Turns out that I guessed correctly.  C, realizing that I am now awake, gives me a tortured, slightly manic look and gives me a full review of the events of the last hour.  He found his Daddy daycare venture frustrating, I found it endearing, and we both ended up finding it comical.


My Beautiful Boy

Those baby blues

4 months Old

All dressed up for church

Vicksburg 2/2010 pictures

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The longest 2 weeks…

The last two weeks have been spent either in the hospital with Nathan or attending the funeral and related events to the passing away of Nathan’s paternal great-grandfather.  I’m utterly exhausted. I am trying to function on fragmented, random thoughts in a somewhat coherent manner as best as I can.

I will elaborate on the past two weeks later. For now, I am trying to get caught up on laundry and I am trying to get my household back up and running.  I have a huge to-do list of things I need to get caught up on.  I have not prioritized them as of yet, so I feel slightly overwhelmed at the moment.

I am looking forward to the birth of a friend’s first baby.  I hate missing out on all of the last-minute pre-birth festivities.  I wanted to be there for her.

My house is an organizational mess.  I’m feeling a a serious case of spring fever coming on.  I have neglected the yard and house for the year of pregnancy, birth, and post-natal period.  There is a lot to do.

I have to schedule several doctor’s and dentist appointments.  Two for Nathan following his hospital visit; two procedures and a dentist appointment for me.

We have house projects to attend to.  Our front door needs to be replaced and a fence needs to be built.  I have received several estimates and we will make our decision tonight.

I need to update/sort pictures from the trip and post blogs about them.  I want to start a scrapbook for Nathan so I can display all of the little extras such as hand-prints.

I have many other things on the list…just need to stay focused and get each item checked off.


A “Baff” with Mommy

Nathan and I love our nightly bath routine.  I’ve never seen a baby love the water as much as this little guy does. What I love even more is watching Chris after I hand him a “nakey baby” to dry, lotion, diaper, and dress.

He is so methodological about it.  First, he lays out a clean towel on the floor of the warm bathroom.  He takes the baby from me, carefully aiming his, um, “hose” in a generally harmless direction just in case it accidently goes off in transit.  He lays the baby down and reaches for the lotion.  He pumps an adult-size proportion of lotion into his hands and lets it warm up a bit. Nathan watches him for a bit and then zones out into his own little world while daddy finishes the routine.  I always hang over the side of the bathtub watching the scene unfold cause it’s just so darn cute.

Next, C slathers a think layer of baby lotion while turning the baby this way and that, making sure he covers every little spot. At this point, Nathan almost always starts intensely studying his hands to make sure they indeed are the same and have not changed within the last 4 minutes or so.  C quickly diapers the baby.  He chases Nathans feet for a bit until he can pin them down and put socks on them.  Finally, C tries to be as gentle as possible in navigating little arms and legs into foot pajamas with his big ‘ole hands.  He then proudly scoops up the good-smelling baby- mission accomplished-and shows mommy what a good job he did.

These are the memories I’ll cherish forever.

Cats Musical, Anniversary Date

Saturday C surprised me with tickets to go see the broadway musical Cats.  I saw it a few times in Atlanta with my mom and LOVED it.  It was funny because whenever I found out about Cats coming into the city, I told C. It went something like this:

(C and I, sitting on couch watching TV. C is on his computer, oblivious to commercial. The commercial announcing that Cats will be in the city ends)…

Me: (squeals!)

(C looks up from computer) What?

Me: Cats musical is coming to the city!!! I saw it in Atlanta a few times and I LOVED it!!!

C: It hasn’t changed. (End of discussion).

A week later, this weekend, C informed me that I should not make any plans for Saturday night because we are going to see Cats. Now, I would like to say that his super-romantic, unbelievably sweet gesture should have had nothing less than a positive response of excitement and appreciation on my end.

It did not, and for several reasons:

First of all, he had a REALLY bad case of “PMS” for the better part of 2 weeks and my feelings were still very much hurt from the things he did and said to me. I had no way of knowing if he was still going to be a big meanie or not. I normally have the sweetest, gentle, most loving husband in the entire world so this episode of his was seriously out of character for him.  His Cats gesture, along with a really long talk and a heartfelt apology more than made up for it.

So then there was the second issue, which is that our last date out to the movies to see Avatar in 3D did not go well on my end.  About half-way through the movies, I saw a blue alien baby and of course I went into a maternal hormonal overdrive which included my milk “letting down” and no small amount of tears at the thought of my sweet baby being so far away from me.  It physically hurt me to think about him.  It took all of my willpower to force myself not to grab the keys, jump up and drive like a speed demon to get my baby back.

So needless to say, sitting through a 2-3 hour musical, even one that I love, sounded something like Chinese water torture to my maternal self.

After hours of internal conflicting debate, I finally shared with C how I really felt.  I should have just saved myself all this trouble in the first place and just talked to him because he came up with the perfect compromise.  He came up with a deal: We’ll go to see Cats, and the minute I feel like I want to go back to my baby, we’ll leave- no questions asked, and no hard feelings felt. He’s a genius!

SO…I am now VERY excited at the prospect of our Saturday night 4-year anniversary date.  I can’t wait to take my time getting all dressed up like a lady with my heels, perfume, jewelry, and my long hair carefully styled and cascading down my back, just the way he likes it. 🙂

New Living Room Set

Yesterday C and I FINALLY found a new living room set.  We bought a floor model and because it was “slightly used” we saved tons of money.  We also got a free loveseat/chaise/chair hybrid called “a chair 1/2.”  I am excited because the springs in our old couch made it so uncomfortable to sit on. It not only hurt C’s back to sit on it, but the cushions were so soft that I could not lay down to nurse the baby on them.  With the new chair 1/2, I will be able to settle in and prop my feet up to nurse the baby.  I will also be able to lay down with him on the couch and rest a little during the day. We should be having the set delivered in about 10 days.

They did say something interesting about scotch guarding the fabric on the couch. They no longer pre-treat the fabric for liability purposes because they said that young children can develop allergies to it.  So I will ask Nathan’s pediatrician if it is ok to treat the fabric and if so, what is the safest way to go about doing it.

Fabric view

No more babies

I went to the OB today for my final post-natal check-up.  I asked my OB about future pregnancies.  She went over a rather daunting list of all the complications to my health and the baby’s during the pregnancy, birth, and recovery period.  Basically, if I have an ounce of self-preservation and love for an unborn baby, I would avoid a pregnancy at all cost.

I’m sad.  I also feel guilty because I wasn’t supposed to have even one baby, yet I’ve been blessed with a perfectly healthy son.  I feel greedy.  I feel heart-broken because I want at least 3-4 children.  I LOVE being a busy mom and I just can’t imagine life any other way.  I’m also sad for Nathan. I wanted him to grow up with 2 or 3 brothers and sisters, and I cannot give that to him.  Sure there is surrogate and adoption, but why can’t things just be SIMPLE for once? No IVF, no mounds of paper work, just good old-fashioned conception.

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