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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A “Baff” with Mommy

Nathan and I love our nightly bath routine.  I’ve never seen a baby love the water as much as this little guy does. What I love even more is watching Chris after I hand him a “nakey baby” to dry, lotion, diaper, and dress.

He is so methodological about it.  First, he lays out a clean towel on the floor of the warm bathroom.  He takes the baby from me, carefully aiming his, um, “hose” in a generally harmless direction just in case it accidently goes off in transit.  He lays the baby down and reaches for the lotion.  He pumps an adult-size proportion of lotion into his hands and lets it warm up a bit. Nathan watches him for a bit and then zones out into his own little world while daddy finishes the routine.  I always hang over the side of the bathtub watching the scene unfold cause it’s just so darn cute.

Next, C slathers a think layer of baby lotion while turning the baby this way and that, making sure he covers every little spot. At this point, Nathan almost always starts intensely studying his hands to make sure they indeed are the same and have not changed within the last 4 minutes or so.  C quickly diapers the baby.  He chases Nathans feet for a bit until he can pin them down and put socks on them.  Finally, C tries to be as gentle as possible in navigating little arms and legs into foot pajamas with his big ‘ole hands.  He then proudly scoops up the good-smelling baby- mission accomplished-and shows mommy what a good job he did.

These are the memories I’ll cherish forever.


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