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Cats Musical, Anniversary Date

Saturday C surprised me with tickets to go see the broadway musical Cats.  I saw it a few times in Atlanta with my mom and LOVED it.  It was funny because whenever I found out about Cats coming into the city, I told C. It went something like this:

(C and I, sitting on couch watching TV. C is on his computer, oblivious to commercial. The commercial announcing that Cats will be in the city ends)…

Me: (squeals!)

(C looks up from computer) What?

Me: Cats musical is coming to the city!!! I saw it in Atlanta a few times and I LOVED it!!!

C: It hasn’t changed. (End of discussion).

A week later, this weekend, C informed me that I should not make any plans for Saturday night because we are going to see Cats. Now, I would like to say that his super-romantic, unbelievably sweet gesture should have had nothing less than a positive response of excitement and appreciation on my end.

It did not, and for several reasons:

First of all, he had a REALLY bad case of “PMS” for the better part of 2 weeks and my feelings were still very much hurt from the things he did and said to me. I had no way of knowing if he was still going to be a big meanie or not. I normally have the sweetest, gentle, most loving husband in the entire world so this episode of his was seriously out of character for him.  His Cats gesture, along with a really long talk and a heartfelt apology more than made up for it.

So then there was the second issue, which is that our last date out to the movies to see Avatar in 3D did not go well on my end.  About half-way through the movies, I saw a blue alien baby and of course I went into a maternal hormonal overdrive which included my milk “letting down” and no small amount of tears at the thought of my sweet baby being so far away from me.  It physically hurt me to think about him.  It took all of my willpower to force myself not to grab the keys, jump up and drive like a speed demon to get my baby back.

So needless to say, sitting through a 2-3 hour musical, even one that I love, sounded something like Chinese water torture to my maternal self.

After hours of internal conflicting debate, I finally shared with C how I really felt.  I should have just saved myself all this trouble in the first place and just talked to him because he came up with the perfect compromise.  He came up with a deal: We’ll go to see Cats, and the minute I feel like I want to go back to my baby, we’ll leave- no questions asked, and no hard feelings felt. He’s a genius!

SO…I am now VERY excited at the prospect of our Saturday night 4-year anniversary date.  I can’t wait to take my time getting all dressed up like a lady with my heels, perfume, jewelry, and my long hair carefully styled and cascading down my back, just the way he likes it. 🙂

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