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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

4 month shots

Today Nathan had his 4 month shots. He’ll be 5 months old tomorrow!  He weighs 17.31 pounds (70th percentile)  and is 25.75 inches long (53%).

C had to take him for his shots.  I caught C’s cold over the weekend.  I spent all night up and down because I kept setting off the baby cry alarm coughing, which vibrates my side of the bed.  Nathan also wanted to nurse around 3am and again around 6am.  I woke up with a fever and we decided that it would be better for me not to expose other kids at the pediatricians office.

We had some good news and some bad news at the pediatricians.  Actually- two good news.  Nathan’s heart is A-OK from his ALTE episode that landed him in the hospital. BIG relief there.  I can certainly live without ever, ever going through that again.

The other good news is that we can start him on some cereal.  He’s growing too fast!  I have noticed lately that he is REALLY interested in what I am eating.  I let him lick a banana the other day and he LOVED it, which doesn’t surprise me given that I was an official banana-eating fool during my pregnancy.

The bad news is that the pediatrician said that if his flat head does not improve, then he made need a special helmet made to mold his head by keeping pressure off of it.  The flat head is sort-of a feedback loop phenomenon in that he first found it more comfortable to sleep on a certain spot, which made it more flat, and thus in turn made it even more comfortable for him to lay on it as opposed to a different position.

It makes me kind-of mad though because I followed the pediatrician’s advice to a “T.”  They said at first to always put him to sleep on his back, so I did.  Then when he developed reflux, I needed to prop him up while he slept. I did that too.  Then they said to place him on his side to sleep, and so I have been and his head apparently is still asymmetrical.  So what in the world was I supposed to have done???

Personally, I have noticed improvement with his head.  Since today he saw a different pediatrician than his usual one, I am hoping that his regular one will take a look and tell us that he notices improvement as well and no helmet is needed. His next appointment is in 4 weeks, so I guess we will find out soon enough.


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