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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Gaggle of Nurses and Diaper Dilemma

Nathan and I made the 1 hour trip north to see my specialist/physician.  After I arrived and went back to the examination room, nature called and I found myself with a 17 1/2 pound, delightful dilemma.   What to do with Nathan while I go to the ladies’ room? The nurse with me caught on to my thoughts and started to get wide-eyed with hopeful excitement.

I looked at Nathan, then at the nurse. “Would you mind holding him while I go use the-”

“Sure!!!” she said before I even had a chance to finish my question.  I handed her my bundle of joy and left it at that.

On the way back to the examining room, I noticed a gaggle of nurses blocking the hallway.  One of them stepped aside and lo and behold there was Nathan soaking up every minute of the attention.  There must have been about 4-5 of them standing around, including two fleeting physicians in transit, and yet my little handsome boy managed to smile and flirt with each and every one of the ladies.  I didn’t see him smile at the male doctor, but I imagine he pouted his bottom lip out at him.  He is not a big fan of strange men. I guess he doesn’t see the point of being sociable with those of the boobless variety. The nurse on baby-holding duty saw me and hurried to bring him back to me.  A few nurses followed and asked me how old he is.  They had all guessed 6-7 months old. I told them he just made 5 months yesterday.  They told me that he is just a beautiful, happy baby and that I must be so proud.  I told them I certainly am, and thank you.

***warning graphic nursing experiences described below-skip the NEXT TWO paragraphs or read at your own risk (but of course you are going to read it now that I mentioned it, so go ahead ;-)***

My physician was out of the country at the time, so I saw his P.A. instead.  Nathan started protesting his hunger, and without missing a beat out came the boob.  For all of the aghast conservatives out there, not to worry.  I recalled this particular PA telling me that she nursed all of hers as well. Knowing that plus her being a medical professional allowed me to feel comfortable tending to his needs without apology or embarrassment.  She didn’t bat an eye and in fact even smiled in approval.  Now the conversation that followed is exclusively reserved for those of us who belong to the Mommy Club.  More specifically, for those of us in the Breastfeeding Mommy Club:

She glanced down at the nursing Nathan and smiled as she silently recalled the memories of nursing her own children.  She asked me how my trip South went, I told her it went well and that it was nice to see everyone.  I mentioned how well he did on the plane rides.  She started to laugh and she told me that she always nursed hers on the plane rides to keep them content (ie- quiet).  She said that one time she accidently sprayed the passenger sitting in the seat in front of her due to an over-active let-down reflex.  The young male passenger felt it, looked down at his shoulder, and looked behind his seat at her nursing her baby.  She turned beet red and immediately started apologizing profusely for the incident.  To her complete shock he waved off her apologies and explained that his wife is nursing their baby too so he is used to it! Wow.

The PA and I had a good laugh over her story.  You know, one of those deep-belly laughs which of course bothered Nathan.  He looked up at me with a “Do you mind?!?” expression and I tried my best to stifle my giggles so he could finish nursing.

That is something that I love about being a mom.  I love the fact that I can relate to just about any other mom out there because motherhood is a common experience.  It is amazing to me how both distance and differences come tumbling down the minute we recognize this fact about one another.  We find ourselves sharing our private stories of spraying milk and poop incidents with unprecedented ease.  We compare notes on tricks of the trade and share our reviews of everything from which brand of baby diapers cause diaper rashes to what stage of development baby is currently in at the moment.

Speaking of I’m a bit unsure of what to do about my current diaper dilemma.  It’s a long story but basically I have recently gotten stuck with a gigantic pack of size 3 Huggies brand.  Most moms agree that Pamper’s swaddlers are the best, followed by huggies, and for goodness’ stake stay away from Luvs! I’ve always used Swaddlers and Nathan has never had creased, rough diaper skin nor has he had any diaper rashes.  Now, with Huggies, he has both AND leaks. Yuck.  I’ve already had several all-the-way-up-his-back poop incidents and that is just plain gross.  The problem is that he is almost in size 4 and there are no Pampers Swaddlers in that size (they graduate to “cruisers”).  Based on the reviews of Pampers new Cruisers design, most moms say that they are downright awful and to just buy Huggies.  What to do?  I guess I could just try Cruisers and see for myself but if they do not work then I am really in trouble.


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