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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


I have been reading one of those “classic baby training” books about sleep.  I am wondering WHY, exactly, is it so important that a completely dependent young infant sleep by himself all alone in his crib?  I mean, even a hundred or so years ago this would certainly mean death to an infant from cold or whatnot.

Not to bore anyone with a history lesson, but the whole nursery idea started with royalty.  The queen was not allowed to nurse or tend to her baby because then she would be fertile sooner to become pregnant with another heir to the kingdom sooner.  It was important to produce many heirs because infant mortality was so high in those days.  But even then, the royal children had a substitute mother (wet-nurse) who breastfed and tended to the youngster exclusively.

As society became wealthier, people looked up to royalty to set the standard of living and they copied the nursery idea (minus the wet-nurse’s TLC).  In the post-industrial world, marketing caught onto the trend and set out to advertise all the nursery products in order to take a piece of the financial pie. They’ve even convinced us that toys are a better substitute than interacting with our babies when in fact that is completely untrue.  The human face, through interaction, can transmit and reinforce more neuronal signals than any toy ever could.  They’ve taught us to keep our babies in sight but out of touch in infant carrier car seats, strollers, activity centers, cribs, and bouncers. Brands that make formula try to sabotage breastfeeding by making cheaper models of breast pumps which, oh dear! Do not work and thus ends up terminating the breastfeeding attempts of the mother.  (That is one reason I ONLY buy breastfeeding accessories made by companies who have nothing to do with formulas or bottle manufacturing).

To help us deal with all of the “issues” that babies develop from being practically neglected, psychology (hint #1-WHY does a baby even NEED a psychologist in the first place?) jumped on board and invented a variety of baby training methods.  Of coarse, “good parents” jumped on board and ignorantly dived head-first into the methods without even taking a moment to really question the benifit of doing it in the first place. They’ve even gone as far as to interfere with a mother’s natural instinct and states that it is actually acceptable to purposely allow a baby to cry when they are scared and alone in their cribs.  It’s infuriating!

Anyhow, I am reading this “reference” book that I am sure many a parent devoured without blinking an eye.  Here are a few shocking examples:

“Ella won’t go to sleep without her special blanket. I am so glad that she finds comfort in her comfort object.”

Ok…seriously…there is a hint that baby is feeling neglected.  WHY does a child form an emotional attachment to an OBJECT which does absolutely nothing to help it’s overall survival?  (Yes, despite all of our “advancements”, there are very few neurological differences between a pre-linguistic, primitive baby and a pre-linguistic modern one).  They actually warn parents against becoming your baby’s comfort object! WHY are parents supposed to teach their children to prefer inanimate objects over real human beings??? It is your child- QUESTION IT!

(and we wonder why we all of a sudden have a society full of materialistic children and adults? Why we have shopping addictions where people spend senseless in order to fulfill an emotional void???)

“My 7-month old bangs his head against the crib as he goes to sleep. Is this normal?”

Um….I hate to say it, but this is NOT a sign of an emotionally well-adjusted child but instead a product of an “early independence baby training” method.

The actual answer, I’m paraphrasing here, “A small percentage of babies {using this method} develop a habit of banging their heads against their cribs, or indulge in rhythmic activity, such as rocking themselves to sleep. While it may look alarming, this is not usually a sign that anything is wrong…If baby isn’t bruising himself, don’t worry.”

Really parents? Are you just so proud that baby is completely maladjusted enough to bang his head or forms a relationship with and prefers to be comforted by an inanimate object instead of a human being??? But baby can cry himself to sleep all by himself! Congrats parents! What a splendid job you’ve done.


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2 thoughts on “Wow

  1. Jeremy Flowers on said:

    There was a study on that, actually. The head-banging sends out endorphins which are their own reward. We’re chemical addicts from day one.

  2. Megan Davidson on said:

    Amen! I sooo wish you lived in Atlanta. Rarely do I find a mom that shares my same parenting beliefs and researches things like I do…very refreshing.

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