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Mr. Fussypants, Niece

Nathan has been so fussy lately, especially when he is tired due to teething.  Nursing is a nightmare! He refuses to nurse most of the time. When he DOES nurse, he squirms and fusses and keeps unlatching just when my milk lets down and then he stops, leaving me hurting.  So…I’ve been trying to pump but the pump is just not as effective as he is in removing the milk.  My supply seems to be going down as well.  It’s just frustrating. I actually felt myself getting frustrated and impatient with him the other day and it made him more fussy.  I decided that I had tried everything I could and put him in his nursery swing.  I turned on his piano music, closed the blinds, gave him a binky and his snuggie and shut his door.  He quickly settled down and fell asleep.  I felt like an awful mom for doing that, but I bet a lot of moms feel that way sometimes.  I think in the end that I did the right thing because he was probably picking up on my frustration and he fell right asleep anyways.

I found out that we are having a NIECE! I KNEW it was a girl! I actually went out and got 2 adorable little (mumbles incoherently).  I can’t say what I got, since her mommy might read this. Anyhow, I’m super-excited about having another niece.  I know that the moment I lay my eyes on that child that I will be head over heels for her. She’ll arrive in September.


Nathan’s outfits for Uncle Ryan’s wedding

I ordered some super-cute outfits for Nathan to wear to his Uncle Ryan’s wedding in July from a baby botique:

I ordered them from Remember Nguyen online: http://www.remembernguyen.com/

I also have been on the hunt for some summer polos and rompers from Ralph Lauren.  So far I’ve found him 2 shirt rompers, 3 polos, and 5 polo rompers. He wears 12 months in RL and Carters, so I will probably need to get a few 18 month rompers for later this summer because he is so long.  Children’s place, however, he wears true to size. I’m happy about that because I got him a ton of winter stuff on clearance and they will fit him just fine this fall. 🙂 Here are a few:

Who says that boys aren’t fun to dress? 😉

The Dentist, the lactation consultant, and Nathan’s poopy face

Last night, while Nathan chewed on my finger, I felt what could only be the beginnings of an emerging tooth.  I can’t quite see anything yet, but I feel a slightly serrated edge just under a bump on his bottom left side.  He has woken up at weird hours the past few days, and has been exceptionally cranky when he is sleepy.  I am starting to see now that it must be all due to his brand new toofy coming in.

I was so excited! As soon as I felt it, I exclaimed, “A toofy! Does my big boy have a TOOFY?!?” I ran him over to the nearest lamp and looked inside to see if I could see anything.  Nathan went on high alert with my unbridled glee as he watched his mommy act like a fool over his almost-first-tooth.  I clapped my hands and tickled his belly and spontaneously made up a “my fist toofy” song.  I grabbed my phone an updated his daddy who was at a ballgame, and other folks on this exciting new development.  After awhile, the replies poured in.  Everyone was happy for him and some joked about him biting while nursing, which seeped into my dreams later that night…

Later that night:

All of this late-night excitement led to a rather strange dream about a dentist, a lactation consultant, and Nathan’s face that he makes while he is making a poopy diaper. I found myself wondering if I fell down a rabbit hole because this particular dream was definitely bizarre to say the least!

So I found myself in Dr. Twilight Zone’s dental office discussing Nathan’s first tooth along with his assistant, who also happened to be a rather flamboyant (and certified, mind you) bona fide lactation consultant.

As the generously proportioned dentist explained to me the physical process of cropping a tooth, I started to notice that he seemed to be having some after lunch, upper-GI issues, namely belching, and he periodically paused mid-sentence to rid himself of excess air. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to politely ignore his issues.  After a long-winded (no pun intended) narrated story of teething, he then graciously turned the spotlight over to his assistant as he sat not-so-quietly on his swivel stool.

The LC swung her arms this way and that in a wild manner as she went over nursing a baby with teeth.  I felt like I was privy to a bizarre game of charades. Her attempts to reassure me failed miserably, partially due to her including words such as “piranha” and “locked jaws” and supposedly how I can rescue a clamped upon nu-nu by icing him down until he lets go. She reassured me that 200 pounds of bite force with needle-sharp incisors “doesn’t really hurt all that much.”

[Note to self: watching shark documentaries prior to bed is NOT a good idea during teething time]

Anyhow…around this time, the giant dentist started to have excess air issues in his lower GI system, a feat which I found increasingly difficult to ignore, especially since it drowned out her voice in the process.   It went something like this:

Animated LC: So you’ll want to make sure he is latched on properly…

[the dentist shifts uncomfortably on his stool, then lifts his left leg ever so slightly]

...which you can check by taking an iPhone photo and

[pffffffffth!!!!] I flinch at the sound, which was so loud that it traveled through the floor and vibrated my chair

LC continues…”if he just won’t let go, then stick his foot in a bucket of ice. That should do the trick!”

The dentist then started making the exact same poopy face that Nathan makes, followed by more floor vibrations. At this point in my dream…I started to wake up because the vibrations were continuing.  It finally occurred to me that Nathan was crying and thus the bed alarm was vibrating to wake me up.

6 mos 1 week

Yes…his nose is orange! I have no idea why it is like that.

More Pictures

6 Months Old today!

First ever temper tantrum

Nathan had his first ever temper tantrum the other night in the bathtub at 5 months, 2 weeks old.  Here’s what happened:

Nathan LOVES his bath with mommy and it started out like any other bath.  I did the usual and held him on his back to wash his hair.  He started chewing on the wash cloth while I scrubbed his fuzzies.  (He hasn’t quite graduated to “hair” yet, but he is working on it).

I then took the wash cloth from him to finish his bath and he instantly started screaming and arching his back.  He “balled up” his fist and started pumping his legs like riding a bicycle rapidly.  I was completely shocked and dropped the wash cloth back on his belly as I quickly grabbed him to keep him from launching himself off of my lap and into the water.  The instant his hand touched the wash cloth, he stopped and started chewing on it as if nothing had happened! WHAT in the WORLD????

I had absolutely NO idea that a temper tantrum was even POSSIBLE at 5 months!  I thought that I at least had another year or two until we hit the independence phase…but, wow, I guess not.  So…I am clueless as to how to handle this in such a young child.  He is very bright and knows what he wants, but I do not want to enable or unintentionally teach him that this behavior is acceptable.  I just don’t know.  I plan to ask the pediatrician about it…maybe some of my ‘mommy club’ friends might have some suggestions as well.  Aside from that incident, it hasn’t happened since.  He does, however, communicate by whining whenever he wants/doesn’t want something.  It is kind-of cute thought because he only does it when he thinks you are looking at him. This is interesting because we are both deaf and I guess he has learned already that we must be looking at him in order to hear him.  Smart boy…he will be keeping us on our toes for sure! Oh Lordie.

Sunday Pictures

signing, "what are you doing, mommy?"


Sometimes I still find myself saddened to the point that tears trickle down my cheeks.  No one sees this, I make sure of it, but surely enough it happens.  It happens when I see a mother with her daughter, when I am so excited over something Nathan did that I just want to tell someone about it right then, when I can’t remember how much flour to add to chicken and dumplings, when I feel like I need a soft place to fall and I have no one to turn to.

It hurts. So much.  It starts deep in my belly until a huge lump forms in my throat and makes it ache. Then the tears come and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

It reminds me of a childhood memory.  I was once sitting on my bed crying and my mom came and sat next to me.  She asked me what was wrong, and I told her I didn’t know, but that it hurts.  She asked me to show her what hurts, and I tried to convey just where the big lump in my throat was.  She explained to me, “Your feelings are hurt.”  In my very young mind, I could only conclude one thing, which led me to the question: why, exactly, would God put my feelings in my throat?

Today I had to rummage through her belongings again in a attempt to start putting them up.  The simple things strike me the most.  Her suitcase is just as she left it, as is her purse.  Little pieces of her that she left behind: Crumpled receipts, a tube of mascara, a pack of Dentyne gum with all but two pieces of gum punched through the shiny foil on the back.  Me.

The Fed-ex easter bunny came!

Nathan’s Easter gifts finally arrived.  He got a stroller, some toys, baby food bibs which wipe clean (must-have!), and some all-natural baby skin products from California baby (fave!).  I got him some of their massage oil for his calming night-night massage.  No, he is NOT spoiled by the way.  He needed a stroller, the toys are for teething, and I did not have any wipe-off bibs yet and I was getting fed up with washing tons of bibs which only ended up stained anyways. The BB bunny came as well and brought 2 really neat interactive toys.  One of them helps them with walking. Here are some pictures: (click to enlarge)

Also…Nathan got REALLY mad at me and made his mad face.  He finished his jar of food and looked for all the world like he was done, so I signed “all done” and started to take off his bib.  Turns out that he was NOT finished, thankyouverymuch, and started his protest, which I happened to catch on camera:

I scooped him up and nursed him and he promptly fell asleep.  What’s funny though, is that you would think he would be screaming when he does his mad face, but he doesn’t.  It would be completely silent except for that he makes this little squeaky sound.  The total scene usually lasts less than 10 seconds as he quickly switches gears back to being a happy boy.  Needless to say, C and I happen to find this entirely comical when it happens. 🙂

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