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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Eating Solids!

Nathan has been eating solids now for a little over a week.  He loves it!

It took him all of two seconds to figure out that the gooey stuff on a spoon = yummy for his tummy.  So far he eats bananas, banana cereal with mommy’s milk,  and squash blended with peas or carrots.  If I could go back and change one thing, I would not say “mmmm” every time I spooned food into his mouth.  I started it in order to teach him sound association so that he would know to open his mouth for me regardless of what he is distracted by or what new food I am offering him or where.  What was meant to make life easier instead made it MESSIER!  He quickly learned how to say “mmmm” and does so every time I put food into his mouth, which of course is the equivalent of blowing a raspberry and thus spatters food all over anything in the line of fire.  Unfortunately, mommy’s face is a frequently spattered bystander.  So far I have found baby food in my ear, my hair, and foot.  He once narrowly missed my eye ball and as a result I looked up how to deal with that particular situation should it ever arise (wash with water as needed). I am starting to wonder if I should start wearing protective eye wear and don an apron just for his feedings.

He is also THISCLOSE to saying “momma.” He has been saying “hey” and “whoa” since about 3 months, but the Momma word is a new one.  I did not expect him to start trying this yet.   It started with teaching him sign language.  Signing is my 2nd language and I really want him to know it as well.  He LOVES it!  I have been signing “Mom” and “dad” and “finish.”  When I sign “Mom,” he smiles from ear to ear and looks back and forth between my hand and my mouth.  I say, “mmma-mmma-ma-ma-mommy” over and over while he does this.   He surprised me the other day and started to say, “mmm-mmmm”  but he actually mouths “mmma-mmma-mmma!”  As soon as he figures out how to voice both “mmm” AND “-ah”, he’ll be able to say Momma. I’m so proud of him!

He understands a lot more than I give him credit for.  For example, when he was about 4 months old, we started playing “Up & Down” with him alternating sitting and standing respectively.  The other day, I was holding his hands while he was sitting in my lap and I said, “up” and he promptly pushed up into the standing position.  He gave me a really intense “look mom!” expression that I know so well.  I thought it was coincidence, so I repeated it and he did it again.

OH! He stood up the other night for about 10 seconds without any source of support!  He always gets the most serious expressions when he is trying to accomplish something.  It is super-cute on a 5-month old.  Here is a picture of his serious look:

So serious!

We also got to go and see our friends and their new baby.  She is the most beautiful little girl with huge brown eyes and gorgeous silky black hair.  Nathan was interested in the new baby but mostly loved the attention from the baby’s grandmother. I see LOTS of playdates in the near future! Here is a picture of us:

I also framed one of the pictures I took of Nathan and I lOVE it:


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