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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Mr. Fussypants, Niece

Nathan has been so fussy lately, especially when he is tired due to teething.  Nursing is a nightmare! He refuses to nurse most of the time. When he DOES nurse, he squirms and fusses and keeps unlatching just when my milk lets down and then he stops, leaving me hurting.  So…I’ve been trying to pump but the pump is just not as effective as he is in removing the milk.  My supply seems to be going down as well.  It’s just frustrating. I actually felt myself getting frustrated and impatient with him the other day and it made him more fussy.  I decided that I had tried everything I could and put him in his nursery swing.  I turned on his piano music, closed the blinds, gave him a binky and his snuggie and shut his door.  He quickly settled down and fell asleep.  I felt like an awful mom for doing that, but I bet a lot of moms feel that way sometimes.  I think in the end that I did the right thing because he was probably picking up on my frustration and he fell right asleep anyways.

I found out that we are having a NIECE! I KNEW it was a girl! I actually went out and got 2 adorable little (mumbles incoherently).  I can’t say what I got, since her mommy might read this. Anyhow, I’m super-excited about having another niece.  I know that the moment I lay my eyes on that child that I will be head over heels for her. She’ll arrive in September.


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