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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Busy, Dad is coming, presentation prep

Now that Nathan is getting older, I’ve been on the hunt for a mother’s helper/Nanny.  I am nervous about leaving him with anyone other than my neighbor or his Auntie, however, there are times when I def someone to watch him.   I am working on setting up a few interviews for a prospective nanny. I am looking for a grandmother-type nanny with kids and grandchildren of her own.  I just don’t feel comfortable leaving him with a teenager or person without a child.

My dad and his fiance will be arriving tomorrow.  He is coming up mainly to help C build a fence in our backyard.  I think they may also attend the Cochlear Implant Recipient group where I will be presenting and helping to lead it.

Anyhow…I need to get busy. I have a million things to get done today. 🙂


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