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Dunstan Baby language

Just watched a Dunstan Baby Language CD and thought it was so interesting and true.  It basically says that baby’s have universal sounds and gives examples.  What I learned is this:

“Owhl” crying with a big, oval mouth means they are tired.

“Heh” (breathy sounds) means he is not comfortable. (Too hot/cold/wrong position)

“Neh” crying with tongue touching the roof of the mouth means they are hungry

“Eh” (strained, almost growling sound) means they need to burp.

“Eairh” cry (usually with tongue elevated in the middle of their mouth) means they have lower gas pains.


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One thought on “Dunstan Baby language

  1. I studied and used this with Layne and it was 100% accurate! Totally have forgotten to use it with Landon…luckily he doesn’t give me as many mixed signals as she did. He’s a ton easier…or maybe I’m just better the 2nd time around? 😉

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