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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Cochlear Implant Picnic

Saturday we had our 2nd annual Cochlear Implant Recipient Group picnic!  Dr. Gina as well as another audiologist, and I all had our babies one month apart and so we set up a place for them to play.  They had a ball! Everyone commented on his outfit and how handsome he is.  One person said that he looks just like me, although 99% of the poll still say he favors Chris.

Jackson (8mos) kept taking toys away from Nathan.  His parents said that he probably learned that in daycare.  After about the 3rd time Jackson tried to take Nathan’s toy, Nathan turned his body away from him to keep him from taking it. Nathan was so outgoing and confident.  He let perfect strangers hold him and he loved it!  I think this is in part due to his personality, but I also think this is in part due to us practicing attachment (natural) parenting.  Dr. Sears said that this attitude toward parenting is proven to lead to more advanced, confident, social babies and it certainly is the case with Nathan.  I’m proud of my little guy.


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