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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Having a seriously bad day

I had almost $6,ooo dollars of my jewelry stolen.  I could absolutely care less about the monetary value of them.  The part that really hurts is that most of them had sentimental value.  My grandmother’s ring that my grandfather gave her for example.  She didn’t have much and it was one of the nicest, most prized things she owned. Whenever I felt alone or scared, I always wore her ring.  I wore it before my surgeries, at my embryo transfer, and before I gave birth. It was a huge source of comfort for me.

My mom’s jewelry was stolen.  Those were her legacy for me that she collected for me to have one day.  Then there is my college graduation ring that Chris, my mom, and his parents chipped in to buy for me.  And my wedding day sapphire jewelry diamond and sapphire chandelier ear rings, matching necklace, and the sapphire tennis bracelet that my mom saved up to buy for me in the middle of all of her cancer treatment with medical bills.

I feel absolutely sick.  I had planned on passing my jewelry down.  I wanted to give my wedding day jewelry to my daughter one day, perhaps when she herself gets married.

I’ve been scouring ebay and craigslist.  One disturbing trend is I’m noticing is where thieves remove the stones from the jewelry and mail in the remaining gold for cash.  Then they sell the stones separately and end up getting more money for it that way.

All day Sunday I was dealing with the police. My neighbor, who also was robbed, and I went to the station and then they told us to meet them at our houses.  They came and couldn’t do much except for to file a report based on the list that I made for them.

While the officer was here, he casually asked me if anyone had approached me about a lost poodle.  I was shocked and told him yes, it was a small white one that they were asking about.  He said that there have been a lot of robberies on our road and that one of the scams is that the men will knock on your door to see if anyone is home.  If someone answers, they say they are missing a dog.  If not, they break in.  The two men that approached me as I was getting out of my car Saturday evening did just this.

It scared me to hear the officer say this because had I not had my “ears” on, they would’ve assumed no one is home and broken in with Nathan and I inside.

Anyhow, while we’re waiting on whatever to happen, I’m working on buying a fire-proof safe and filing everything we have of value with home insurance. I am taking pictures of each item of jewelry as well.


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