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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


My appetite is absolutely through the roof lately, and then some.  I keep eating whatever appeals to me but I still feel hungry.  I think it is because of hormones.  With Nathan eating solids now and nursing less, my body has to adjust and reset itself. I’m also really tired.  I’ve been chugging down Earl Grey tea (hellooo caffeine!) like there’s no tomorrow and it seems to be keeping me afloat.

Nothing new on the jewelry front.  Feeling a tad bit less devastated by it, mostly because I am trying not to think about it.

Nathan has sprouted a top tooth next to his top two teeth on his right.  He now has 5 total teeth and I think the corresponding left one will sprout soon as well.

Won a lot of 5 pairs of 18-month jeans for winter. I paid about $6 for all including shipping.  Got him some new balance tennis shoes as well for $10 brand new.  I need to get him some church sweaters, plain white sleeveless 18-month bodysuits for under his tops, a hat/mitten set.  I think that’s all…then he will be all set for his winter wardrobe. Handsome little rascal. 🙂

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