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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


It has been quite awhile since I last wrote in my blog.  Lots of things have been going on, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting about them.

Toofies: Nathan has 8 teeth now!

Development: He is also THISCLOSE to crawling.  He is also super-curious and his penchant for taking things apart has grown even more.  Drawers, doors, tiles, toys, puzzles, shoes, bath tub stopper, floor air vents, rugs, blow-up pool, diapers, envelopes, bags, and some other things I cannot recall at the moment happen to be the current objects of his taking-things-apart obsession.  The minute he even suspects that said object can be manipulate somehow, he becomes intensely focused on figuring it out as the rest of the known world fades from his awareness.  If I remove him from his activity (illicit or otherwise), he will return with a furry, completely absorbed with his desire to learn everything he can about it.  It’s annoying and a little promising.  It’s slightly alarming, pride-inspiring, and definitely anxiety provoking as I am beginning to realize that total house baby-proofing is in my very near future.

An oh-no-he-did-not moment: I sat Mr. Nathan on the floor along with a few toys while I put some clothes in the washer.  Little man (our dog) wondered over with his yellow rubber squeaky chew toy and proceeded to lay down with it near Nathan.  Five minutes later, I returned to the room to see Nathan and Lil man engaged in a tug-of-war with the toy clamped securely between their respective sets of teeth.  When in Rome….(well you get the idea). 🙂

While, yes, I thought the situation (a dog toy in his mouth!) was totally icky, I also know that kids eat dirt and kiss frogs.  I found it to be shamelessly hilarious.

Travel plans: I have been going over and over my packing list trying to narrow it down to necessities and also deciding what I need on my carry-on while following all of the airport TSA rules. (Do 4 oz formula increments or buy bottled water? Ugh). I already ordered everything Nathan needs (diapers, food, formula, wipes, a few toys, bath stuff) from Diapers.com (free shipping) and had it shipped to my dad’s.  Doing it this way frees up a ton of space in my luggage and also eliminates wasting time at the grocery store (more time with family).  I have decided not to bring a stroller and instead opted for our fabulous bella carrier.  The reasons are because the stroller is an extra item to lug around, forces us to use the elevator, theres no guarantee that he’ll even stay in it, it’s another item to wait on between flights, and because it may very well get broken by careless baggage handlers.  So we are carrying him along with a personal item (my camera/computer backpack) and carry-on (diaper bag).  I feel a little more confident this time around because Nathan and I flew solo when he was 7 weeks old on 7 different flights.

We will be heading South in about a week.  I am so looking forward to it.  We have tons of things planned. Since C has to attend a bachelors party the first weekend we arrive, I will be staying with my Dad along with Nathan.  I’m excited because my brother and some extended family members will be there to help me celebrate my twenty (mumbles incoherently) birthday!

Saturday I will be hitching a ride from BR to HB to go and stay at my sister-in-laws house.  She is expecting my niece in 12+ weeks, so I am looking forward to catching up on all things baby-related.  I *might* get a chance to take a few maternity pictures with my brand new d300 (squeals!).

Sunday, I will probably meet with friends and/or family and go out to eat with them.

Monday C is going to drag himself on over to HB after the bachelors party/weekend, more than likely with a headache from too much…um…”sun” as he likes to call it. 😉

Then we’re heading up to VB until we leave for the hotel Thursday along with the rest of the extended family for the wedding, which is going to be TONS of fun!  We always have a great time and there is always plenty of margaritas and wine to go around.  I just hope that none of us have too much…um…”sun” before the Big Day Saturday! Lol.

One more thought….the wedding is going to be at a plantation. A gorgeous plantation, and I will have my camera.  Nathan will have his cute dress outfits….hmm….a think I see a photography shoot in the makings! 🙂


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