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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Crazy Vacation Planning

Today has been absolutely crazy trying to make, adapt, and coordinate everyone’s plans so that I can attend a family reunion in Tylertown.  By some miracle, it all fell into place. (Pats self on back).

The issue was that I will not have a mode of transportation aside from my god-given ones (my feet), nor did I have a car seat, so everything had to be arranged around it. After considering all present and future options (borrow, rent, bring my own) I decided to buy a convertible car seat.  It is being shipped overnight to my Dad’s house where we will be staying first.

So…my plans look something like this:

Thursday I arrive in BR to stay with my dad.  We will visit my Grandfather and Aunt while we are there.  Back at my dad’s, we are having a dinner to celebrate my birthday on Friday.  Saturday I am riding with my brother & family to my Aunt’s house in tylerown for Reunion.  After the reunion, I am riding with my cousin to Hattiesburg to my sister-in-laws house.  Sunday: Riding with my mom-n-law to Vicksburg where C will join us after his bachelor’s weekend.  Thursday we go back to BR to the hotel for the Wedding (whoo hoo!) and Monday we fly back.

I will have everything I need for the week for Nathan which I already had shipped to my dad’s last week. My mom-in-law has diapers and extra sippy cups among other things ready for Nathan.  All the places we are staying have arranged to have high-chairs and pack-in-plays for him to sleep in. I have TONS of stuff to pack, so I am getting creative and minimizing where I can.  For example, I am putting bath & body products into my old mommy’s milk storage bottles.  They are sturdy, capped, can be labeled, and I have plenty of them.  The only item I wish I could do without but can’t is my hairdryer/diffuser.  I have curly hair, the South is wicked humid, and so if I do not plan on looking like Mrs. frizzie-frizzazle then I am stuck toting the gigantic necessity along. Another issue is the baggage allowance.  Usually C and I combine some of our luggage together to prevent paying over-the-limit weight charges but we can’t do this since he needs to be able to grab his luggage and go once we land.  I havn’t found a way around this as of yet. I will figure something out between now and then.

In the meantime, I am trying to wrap things up around the house.  Getting laundry done, the house cleaned, old food tossed or stored otherwise for when we get back. I also need to wash out the trashcans/diaper pail too so that we don’t return home to Mystery Molds and their lovely odors filling up our house.

I also have to mutt-proof our home so that the dogs don’t ruin everything.  The litter box must be completely cleaned out.  I need to go to the store and make sure I have plenty of pet food/litter set out for the pet-sitter.  Finally, I’ll need to meet with her to make sure she knows where everything is.

I still need to go shoe shopping to find some suitable shoes to wear to the wedding.  (Yes, we went last weekend but I didn’t find anything and totally got caught up in Gymboree’s fantastic sale and ran out of time).

Anyhow…looks like Nathan is up form his nap so I need to get going….


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