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First Birthday Gift & Other thoughts

With summer coming to an end, I am beginning to put thought into fall/winter preparations.  Among the things I am planning for are Nathan’s playroom and his first birthday.  See the new page: Nathan’s First Birthday Planning for details about that.

First Birthday:

I would like to get him a gift that we can use in his playroom, as well as a radio flier wagon.  The new ones with the seats I can use this halloween for trick-o-treating and beyond.  I constantly see mom’s outside pulling their toddlers around in them, so I know they are obviously useful.  Here is one that I have been keeping an eye on:

Also, I would like to get him a climbing playground type of thing to put downstairs in his playroom during the winter, and we’ll put it outside in the spring. It is way too cold up here for a young child to go outside and play, and he is a very active little boy. I totally LOVE this Little tikes fold away climber which has a basketball net, a slide, and folds for easy storage. Isn’t it COOL?!?

On a more serious note, October 13 marks the end of our first year without my mom.  I would like to do something to honor her.  One idea I have is to do a engraved photo tile to put onto her gravestone.  Something that I would really like to do for all of her sisters is to make bracelets using her old costume jewelry beads.  I will also put some charms onto them.  I am thinking about doing engraved hearts with her initials and date of death on the other side.  I am planning on including pink breast cancer ribbon charms as well.  Then, I will type of and do a pretty card explaining the bracelets, where the beads came from, and how all of the sisters all have one to wear.


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