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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

C’s 30th Birthday

Yesterday (8/1/2110) we celebrated C’s 30th birthday.  Saturday I went shopping and picked up a DQ ice cream cake (fab), tons of good food, his favorite beer,and a little gift for him. Yes, I know that his iPhone was supposed to be his gift, however, I can’t not get him something to open for his birthday, y’know? So I got him a few shirts, including a short-sleeve button-up shirt which I previously swore on my life that I would never see him in.  If I recall, I promised him that the day I started wearing a mumu that I would go out and buy him all of the old mens’ short-sleeve button-ups that I could find. I supposed then that I now have to go out and buy a mumu??? Maybe we can be a little lax or at least compromise on this little tidbit here. 😉

Anyhow, I made some chicken salad from scratch and some hummus on the side for lunch.  We grilled some beer chicken that I had marinated overnight along with steaks, fresh green beans in a casserole, and baked potatoes.

We got on the video phone call and his mom & dad and I all sang, “Happy Birthday” to him so he could blow out the candles.  Then we generally took it easy and just relaxed for the day.


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