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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Pediatrician appointment & his head

Lately I’ve really noticed a ridge  between his eyebrows which is usually caused by a premature suturing of cranial bones.

So I made an appointment and off we went.  Good thing I did…because he was bitten by our dog in the face soon after and although it was a superficial puncture, I felt better getting it looked at.

It turns out that his head is fine. He does have a ridge but it is within normal limits.

His weight is (? I forgot) and he is 31 inches long. He is teething really early and is well on his way to getting his 1-year old molars any day now.

Something that tends to irritate me from time to time is whenever people interject “true” comments into their babytalk to Nathan in front of me.  Take his physician, for example. His babytalk went something like this:

“Okey-dokey Mr. Nathan! Let’s get us a little measure-measure of that noggin of yours, o-K? We’ll just PUT this

widdle bitty funny yellow TAPE around your head and-

(dr looks at tape measurement)

Whoa you have a huge noggin!”

See what I mean? I just wanted to jump right in with my own babytalk session or at least let “Mr. Nathan” know that if he does have a big “noggin” it is because he is smart, thankyouverymuch.

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