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Flowers for Friday & Flying Shrimp

Every Friday night is more or less our family night.  I went into my gardens and picked out a few flowers for our dining room table to make arrangements with.  Here they are!

Flying Shrimp:

I went back outside this afternoon to try and take a few photos with my new macro lens.  While photographing random bugs of the flying type on my butterfly bush, this HUGE, furry, flying shrimp-looking thing came into my lens view. Just so we’re on the same page, it may help to explain that the macro lens makes everything look bigger than real life. I yelped in surprise and stared at this…this…thing…while it flew around my flowers before I had enough sense to try and capture it. I got a few half-decent pictures of it and then I walked ran back inside to tell C all about it.  C, quite understandably may I add, thought I lost my mind when I came running in to tell him about the hummingbird-sized giant-furry-flying-shrimp-looking-thing! Seeing his eyebrows being raised at my strange behavior, I rushed to upload the pictures so that I could reassure him (and myself) that his wife had not gone mad. Here’s a few pictures of the thing:

So…proof in hand…I googled, “Giant Hairy moth Shrimp” and got a hit! Someone else out there had the same question about this critter in my yard.  It turns out that it is a hummingbird moth! It is truly one of the strangest, most beautiful moths that I have ever seen:


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One thought on “Flowers for Friday & Flying Shrimp

  1. Gorgeous flowers Jenn and very weird but beautiful shrimp hummingbird.

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