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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Got milk?

Got Milk?

Unfortunately, I (still) do.  It’s been about a month since he stopped nursing and I quit pumping, and my milk STILL lets down.   Physically there has been nothing painful about my entire nursing experience, including weaning, so that part is fine.  It’s the emotional part that bothers me the most.  Every time my milk lets down, I get this pang of sadness that he is no longer nursing.  It is followed by a ray of hope that he will start back nursing again but that is not going to happen.  I fully expected to continue nursing him well into his first year, but nature and Nathan had other ideas.

His physician, along with several of my mom friends, all agree that the fact that he sprouted a mouthful of teeth way early and practically overnight probably contributed to his early self-weaning.  He also started to refuse all formula and bottles a very short time after he stopped nursing.  His pediatrician said that although most babies do not wean until about a year, that he is developing ahead of schedule and thus I can take him off of breastmilk/formula completely and offer whole cows milk instead from a cup. So I have and he has done very well.

I did, however, worry about how to meet his nutritional needs since I have no idea about the dietary guidelines/portion sizes for infants.  So I contacted a nutritionist and asked her about it and I feel a lot better about meeting his nutritional needs.

Lucky Snacks

I should consider myself lucky because the boy would probably eat a brick if I offered it to him on a spoon.  He is NOT even remotely close to being a picky eater.  Hummus, couscous, tofu, chicken, vegetables…you name it, he’ll eat it.  On the flip side, tasty little morsels like kitty food and doggie kibble is fair game should he happen to get lucky and find some on the floor.  So needless to say I had to move his “lucky snacks” (the dog/cat food) down stairs and out of reach.

The dogs were totally fine with this since I have banished them from upstairs with a baby gate following the dog incident.  Lilah, our grumpy old black cat, however, does not like change in general and thus has been making herself a general nuisance every chance she gets.  Seriously, she has been total brat about it.  She sits just out of reach at eye level and stares at me.  She’ll find random items to knock onto the floor.  She’ll run toward her food whenever I get up, crossing my path so that I almost trip trying not to step on her.

Well, I’ve got news for Miss Grumpy-lilah-grump, she can meow, gripe, and grumble all she wants but I am NOT moving her food back up here where Nathan can get to it. Nathan trumps her any day, and she better just get used to it.

Anyhow…I am not quite sure what to do about this whole drying up the milk issue.  Hopefully my Mommy friends will have a tip or two that might help me.

Unorthodox lessons

Nathan has recently been hitting-slash-scratching C and I’s faces when we hold him.  It is not cute. In fact, it flat-out hurts. We’ve been telling him “No” and then sitting him down, but it did not work. In fact, I think he quickly learned that if he wants down, that all he has to do is hit us in the face and down he goes.  Smart. Very smart.

In the meantime, he has been playing lots of follow-the-leader kinds of games where he sees and copies something or expects you to do the same.  For example, we play the “taping” game where I tap something x-number of times and he copies the exact number of taps, sort-of counting them.  So this gave me an idea…I thought perhaps I could correct this hitting gesture of his by immediately copying him and doing it right back.

Wait! Please read more before you freak out and call CPS on me…

I need to clarify that I do a very gentle version of this.  After 3-4 times, he definitely made the connection.  Later on he went to hit my face (out of habit?), winced, and visibly refrained himself from doing so! I am pleased to say that my unorthodox reverse-association lesson was a huge success. Amen. Praise the Lord.

My lovely Belly

On a more serious note, I am dealing with a bout of pouchitis which has left me feeling just lovely. I have long since accepted that issues like this will occur in my life. I just wish that it was not so unbelievably painful for once. I am also exceptionally nauseas and I am a little worried about losing any more weight than I already have.  At the moment, I am about 10 pounds lower than my pre-pregnancy weight, which believe me I do not consider to be a good thing. (See note below). I like to try and stay above 125, however, issues like pouchitis make this feat incredibly hard to do.

As a side note:

It bothers me whenever people comment on my weight or how thin I am.  I know some people have their own body-image issues and are just going to make comments no matter what, and I accept that.  However, I feel like it undermines my underlying heath issues that contribute to my body type and my efforts to keep my weight up, you know?  What is even worse is when people make comments about “how lucky I am” to not have to worry about my weight, as if my health issues count as a  perk toward something as vain or shallow as a “thin body”.  Those who truly know me know that I do not even remotely care about my supposed “beauty” aside from taking care to represent myself and my husband well whenever we go places.  I personally consider it right up there with speaking well and minding my manners- it’s not personal, but instead just a part of being sociable. (I also like the creative process involved in dressing nicely…but that’s another topic). I just get so unbelievably tired of hearing people talk about how they’d like to “lose a little extra weight” as if it is the only thing keeping them from eternal happiness or something.  It makes me mad because I would give my left (and right!) foot to have a healthy body for once, even if the body had “a little extra weight.”  I think way too many people totally take for granted and/or neglect their health.  Sighs.

Anyhow…I got way off topic there.  I guess I just thought that people would read my statements about my weight and start silently thinking I am lucky or feel envious when they totally, absolutely should not, for the reasons explained above.

SO…pouchitis…not fun. But I will put one foot in front of the other, smile, and go through this unpleasant experience with as much dignity and optimism as I can, and my character will be all the better for it.


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