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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

My not-so-little boy

Today I brought a few bins of Nathan’s baby clothes to sort for a lady who was coming to buy them.  I am keeping all of the basics, his dress clothes, shoes, and nice outfits.  I wanted to go ahead and sell the things that he did not wear much for whatever reason. The lady who came brought her 12-month old son, G, with her.  Nathan was huge compared to him.  I couldn’t help to notice, not for the first time, that other babies just seem “baby-ish” compared to Nathan, even the older ones.  I mean, with motor development they may be ahead, but otherwise he always seems more advanced.  I am not sure if Nathan is actually more advanced or if I somehow seem to get around slower babies.  Even C, after being around another baby, usually asks me about what is wrong with whatever baby, since his only point of reference is his son.  I tell him that babies develop at differently and it’s ok.  I just hope that Nathan is normal.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and we could certainly use a little more normal around here for sure.

Anyhow, I found some of his NB and preemie clothes that he wore when we first brought him home.  They were so unbelievably tiny.  I even remember when I was 9 months pregnant, I held up the preemie clothes and I couldn’t imagine that I had a baby that big in my womb at the moment.  I once looked at his 3-month old outfit and found it hard to imagine that my tiny boy would ever grow to be that big.  Now when I look at it I just can’t believe he was that small.  He has only been on this earth for 9 months and a lifetime of changes have happened during this very short time we have been blessed to have him in our lives.

His 9th month: Nathan LOVES books.  He is also still on his taking-things-apart bender.  I will post more stories later about his mischievous adventures.

Lord help us, we’re in for a ride with this child.

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One thought on “My not-so-little boy

  1. But it will be a wonderful ride. As you have seen already, he will grow up way too fast. Enjoy every minute. Love you all, BB

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