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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Babywearing stuff

Nathan’s bottom molars are still trying to slooooowly sprout.  As a result, he has been unbelievably fussy and way more needy than usual during the day.  I don’t have either baby carrier here at the moment and so it is really hard to get anything done.  I am actually thinking of following up on my friend’s advice about making a primitive (but effective) back carrying sling.  I think that Nathan is too big for my sling carrier and the front carrying one is great for everything except for getting the housework done because those little hands can and will grab everything in sight.

The front carrying baby carrier I have is AWESOME!!!  I did TONS of research and read all of the product reviews while bored on bed rest before settling on this Belle baby carrier.  This carrier, unlike bjorn and all of the others, puts the baby’s weight on your HIPS and not your back, which is the main source of discomfort from wearing your baby for long periods of time.

Just to give you an idea of how effective this is, 6 weeks after my c-section I carried Nathan, his infant car seat, diaper bag, and carry-on suitcase through 5 airports. Since it allows you to face your baby either toward you or away from you, and there is no material between you and the baby, I also nursed him in transit many a time.   Another example, I carried his 20-something pound hefty self for hours while we traveled and not once did my back hurt.  I have a easily offended back and still, nada pain with this carrier.

Forget Lord of the Ring’s sacred ring…the belle baby carrier is my precious:

Speaking of, one time I put Nathan into the front baby carrier and went grocery shopping.  While reaching for an item on the top of the shelf, I felt a whole bunch of items crashing around my feet.  Wincing, I looked down and saw that Nathan had completely cleared the shelf in front of him and all of the items were scattered on the aisle floor! [Attn: clean-up on isle 4.] I turned the corner just in time to see a poor pimply-faced teenager coming to clean up his mess and muttering curses under his breath.



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