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Story time! Mystery

I just realized that I never posted about the toy/escape incident from a few weeks back!

One of the things I love is watching Nathan as he tries to work problems out in his then 9-month old brain.  First, details about the living room set-up so you will be able to follow the story.  To leave our living room, one must pass through a 8 foot wide pathway.  Since I prefer to keep him in the living room, I set up a pen of sorts using a multi-paneled baby gate/corral and our folded/bagged pack-in-play.  The folded pack-in-play is heavy enough to hold the baby gate system in place.  It also gives us adults a “doorway” into the living room because it is very low to the ground and easy to step over. Nathan frequently parks himself leaning over the pack-in-play when he wants to protest his desire to escape the living room.

One day he leaned over it to pick up a toy he dropped and somehow ended up pushing it out of the way so he could crawl out and escape the living room. I quickly adjusted the pack-in-play again to where it wouldn’t move so easily.  Over the next few days, I kept noticing this same toy would end up outside of the pen over the pack-in-play.  So I started putting this toy at the bottom of his toy box and STILL it would end up outside of the pen. No other toy ever did that except for this one.

After a few days of this, I got to see Nathan in action and finally solve the toy mystery.  This is what I saw:

Nathan crawled over to his toy box and tipped it over so that the toys would tumble out.  He sorted through them until he found “The Toy.”  He smiled and jabbered at it and then tossed it toward the pack-in-play.  He would crawl up to the toy, toss it toward the pack-in-play and repeat until he got to his destination.  [Apparently done because he can’t crawl and hold the toy at the same time.]

Once he reached the pack in play, he picked up the toy, leaned over the pack-in-play, and tossed it to the ground outside of the pen.  As he was leaning over to “get the toy,” his body weight ended up moving the pack-in-play enough so that he could crawl through and make his grand escape!

Backtracking a bit, I guess that he discovered this new escape trick by accident trying to get his toy.  For whatever reason, he associates “The Toy” being on the other side with the pack-in-play moving, as opposed to it moving because his body weight causes it to. 🙂

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One thought on “Story time! Mystery

  1. That’s my boy!! 🙂

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