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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Before Baby & After baby…reflections on motherhood

It is amazing how everything changes after baby!

Before baby:

I can’t believe I got these shoes half-priced!

After baby:

Jumbo diapers for $6.99? Holy cow!

Before baby:

Wake up at 6am? I don’t think so.

After baby:

I can’t believe he slept until 6am! Its nice to sleep in.


No, Mom, I will not call you more than once a week. That’s just weird.


MOM! I called you FOUR times today! Where were you? What do I do about…


What time is our dinner reservation:


Which leftovers do you want? Oh wait..this one is moldy.


Bath with wine and bubbles and maybe a candle or two.


Baff with mommy time in pee water, bubblegum bubble bath, and various squeaky toys.


Good night Hubby bunches. I’m going to bed. (Hint hint- wink).


Goodnight hubby bunches. I’m going to-zzzzzzzzz.


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