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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


I am so unbelievably excited about the upcoming 2010/11 holiday season! Two seasons ago, we were struggling to get through our (failed) first fertility treatments. One season ago, We had *just* welcomed our son into the world and we were just too exhausted busy to make much of it.

This year, however, is THE year for the Hearn trio! I am planning on full-out Halloween/fall decor complete with carved pumpkins and a really cute light-up ghost idea for our front porch.  I may even do a little pumpkin and gourd family on a haystack by my driveway with the yard light shining on it at night. I have been growing my mums but may add a ton a few more in various containers later on.  I mean, can you get any more quintessentially fall than mums, pumpkins, and cornstalk displays?

SO excited! I can’t wait to warm up our home with the smells of freshly made Apple Cider from scratch. Everyone LOVES my apple cider and it is super easy to make:

For delicious, easy Apple Cider, in a slow-cooker add:

  • 1 part orange juice to 5 parts apple juice
  • toss in enough Red Hot Candy pieces to cover the bottom of the cooker or about 1/4 cup of Red Hots for every 4 cups of cider made
  • add thin-sliced oranges and apples and let it heat until the cider turns candy-red and it’s ready to serve!


Our neighborhood has an awesome tradition where everyone gathers outside at the end of our driveways to wait for trick-or-treaters to come by.  We set up our fire pit and chairs and sip cider while we visit with neighbors. We usually have friends over to help us hand out candy.  I am going to line our part of the side walk with jars filled with green glow-in-the-dark filling and LED candles.  I use LED candles because I don’t want any of the kids’ costumes to accidentally catch fire.

This year, I have my very own trick-or-treater who I plan on dressing as a dinosaur! I already ordered his costume awhile ago (on sale) and it is adorable.  I am working on getting him a wagon to pull him around in and hope to have it in time for Halloween.  I will be posting tons of pictures! 🙂

Thanksgiving, I am hoping that Nathan’s grandparents will be able to come up.  Last year my brother- and sister-in-law came up and cooked THE most fabulous dinner for us.  At the time, Nathan was only a month old and so we were eternally grateful for their efforts and we made Thanksgiving memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Christmas and New Years, I’m going all-out as well.  I can’t wait to see how he reacts to all of the fun parts about the holidays.  He’ll also get to play in the snow! We *may* take him to the slopes so that he can try skiing too.  With itty-bitty ones, they usually put them in pull along tire tubes behind the parents, or they set them up on their own skiis but have special balancing aids for them that the parents can use for them.  Either way, he is a native-born Ohioan and the boy will be on skiis as soon as the slopes are ready! 🙂

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