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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Could he be…walking?

I picked up Nathan and flipped him side to side, looking top to bottom for any sign of a big red button with the word, “PAUSE” written on it. My baby boy, 10m3w old, took his first (witnessed) steps today!

He speed-crawled over to a chair and climbed himself up into a standing position. Next, he decided that he wanted to cross a tiny width of space between the chair and a dresser. He started to lower himself to the ground. He stopped, stood back up, and instead took a few shaky steps until his little hands could grasp onto the dresser! I think he may have started walking earlier because he has been cruising along furniture and at the next glance he would be on a different furniture piece and I couldn’t figure out how he got to it so quickly.

So…it looks like C and I are going to enter a whole new phase of child rearing now that he is pretty much bipedal now. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Is he going to be falling like when he was first learning to sit up? Am I supposed to keep shoes on him or not? How do I baby-proof now? What do I do if he wants to walk while we’re in public and I am pressed for time and can’t let him down at the moment?

Another, more serious concern is if he has a problem called E.V.A. which can lead to deafness if he hits his head in the wrong place. I am planning on setting up an appointment with a pediatric ENT to have a diagnostic fMRI scan done soon. EVA is thought to be genetically inherited via an autosomal recessive trait, though in a few cases it is multi-factorial source or autosomal dominant.   The gene is thought to be gene SLC26A4 or PDS gene for short.  I am not sure yet if there is a blood test for it yet or if it is still diagnosed via fMRI. I am unsure of which of the types of genetic inheritance is involved in Nathan’s family history.

So anyhow, that is an additional issue weighing on my mind because if he does have it, then I need to take measures to protect his head as much as possible  in case he falls.


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