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Cincinnati Komen for the Cure

Today C, Nathan, and I all went into the city to the Great American Ballpark for the Komen for the Cure/breast cancer event.

Thousands and thousands of survivors and others participated in the races.  They also had teams and each team had their own unique name.  Among my favorites: “The Young and the Breastless” all-men’s team; “Ta-ta Warriors”, “Real Men Wear Pink”.   Racers all wore signs with their numbers and some wore extra signs with who they are fighting for.

They gave out all kinds of treats and had things there for kids.  Some folks dressed up their dogs. This one is my favorite:

At the end, they had a survivors ceremony.  A local gospel quintet sang uplifting songs and they released 20 white peace doves in memory of those who had lost their lives to breast cancer this year.  Each dove represented 2,000 women for a total of 40,000 women this year alone.  The stadium was so quiet as we observed a moment of silence.

The highlight was when they honored the survivors.  The survivors, all wearing pink, filed down the stadium stairs and onto the field.  They stood in formation, creating a giant pink ribbon off all the survivors.

Their husbands, siblings, children, grandchildren, and friends stood and cheered for them.  One man really touched my heart as he wiped his tears and waved the “I love you” sign for his wife on the field. A little girl waved the “I love you sign” to her granny.

One survivor broke loose from the formation and ran around the field cheering and the audience laughed and cheered with her.

It was beautiful and sad and uplifting all at the same time.

At the very end, all of the survivors took off there hats and waved and cheered to celebrate their fights against breast cancer.  Their families all stood up in the stands, raised their hands above their hands, cheered and shouted words of congrats and called their surviving loved ones’ names.

Thousands of people were there, all touched by breast cancer in one way or another.  I was there to stand for my Mom.  Although she’s been gone for 11 months, I wanted to celebrate her memory there.  My mom had been diagnosed with stage 3-4 breast cancer, which has the highest mortality rate.  Stage 4 is considered terminal.  Despite this, she fought like hell and went on to celebrate NINE YEARS as a breast cancer survivor against all odds.  She got through it with faith, hope, and sheer iron will that she would beat terminal cancer.  This is why, even though she is gone, she is an Ultimate Survivor. I am so unbelievably proud of her.  She is my hero.

Miss you, Mom.  I stood proud and tall for you today.


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One thought on “Cincinnati Komen for the Cure

  1. Kimberly Yeary on said:

    What a wonderful tribute to survivors and the ones who are gone but not forgotten. This is so awesome.

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