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Kushies vs. G: Cloth diaper review

Lately I have been using cloth diapers for Nathan and I LOVE them.  Well, one of the brands anyhow. I have mentioned on a previous blog some reasons why it is so much better for baby (and wallet) to go green and use Cloth Diapers for baby.

I have been using two major brands of cloth diapers, Kushies and G.  Here is my review of them:

G hybrid/cloth diaper:

Liner not inserted (Left); Liner inserted (right)

Pros and Cons:

Basically, I consider G diapers to be very expensive cloth diaper covers for those who use the cloth inserts only. The hybrid feature is basically a thin pad-like liner that you fold and insert into the liner holder of the g-diaper, which to me defeats the purpose of a true cloth diaper.  I find this to be cumbersome.  It is hard to hold a baby down with one hand and try to wrestle with inserting the flimsy liner into its holder.  So the only solution is to take time to pre-load the liners. It is messy to remove the dirty poopy liners.  For us, our toilet over-floods easily and so flushing does not work.  The only option is to take it out by hand, skip the diaper genie, and toss it into it’s own bag before disposing. The gdiaper can be used for more than one diaper change.  However, this eliminates the popular practice of setting down baby’s poopy bottom onto the clean outside of his used diaper while changing baby.  So the only option is to set the dirty diaper aside, clean baby’s bottom completely while holding his bottom up, then place the pre-loaded diaper under him.  It’s a lot of work and something I’m not up for.

In addition, the liner holder is tethered down by plastic suds which blister and rub baby’s hips raw where it makes contact.  The velcro, if not fastened precisely correct (or comes undone) also rubs baby’s skin raw:

The pros are that it is the better fit for very skinny or babies with very short torsos.  It is very thin and not bulky at all.  The leak control is about the same as Kushies, which is about the same as disposable diapers.  The hybrid feature is great for traveling and the liner can be used for more than one diaper change.

Cost: $70 for a 6 pack. Liners are required and are an additional cost.  Cloth inserts are about $30.  Biodegradable inserts are about $52 for 4, 32 packs.

Overall, I would just save your money and buy ordinary plastic liners and just use cloth inserts for those. I don’t mind getting my hands messy and taking time to pre-load diapers. The real issue with me is that it has studs and other parts that will rub baby raw and cause blisters.  I consider this to be a real design flaw.

KUSHIES all-in-one cloth diaper:


Outside is a waterproof shell with an absorbent liner.  An extra, built in liner is included and is attached at the back end of the diaper.  No extra liners needed, although they make a thin biodegradable liner to catch the solids for easy disposal.

Cost: $55 for a 5-pack.  Extra liners are not required.

Pros and cons:

The overall diaper is a a little bulky, so it’s not great for traveling. The fastening velcro strips do not allow for much custumizing for the best fit for your baby. It has wider leg openings which may not be good for babies with thin legs.  Although my son’s legs are a little on the skinny side, I haven’t experienced leaks yet. The waist is easy to adjust to fit properly for skinny and chubby babies, though because it sits high on the waist, it may not fit babies with very short torsos as well as it does those with average torso lengths or tall babies.

The built in liner is a very nice feature.  I would, however, recommend extra cloth liners for times where it will be a long time before a diaper change such as overnight.  I like that the liner can be folded to concentrate absorbent for girls and boys.   With or without the biodegradable liner for stools, it is easy to shake off the stool into the toilet with this liner.  There are no rough places to blister or rub baby’s skin raw.  That in itself is enough for me to stick with Kushies. Kushies are also very much so less expensive.  It does not have a hybrid feature.  You will need more of them because they are good for one diaper change. You change them as often as you do with disposable.  They are easy to just toss in the washing machine to wash and no pre-loading is required. They couldn’t be any easier to use.


For kushies and cloth liners, wash with about half of the usual amount of detergent (NEVER bleach) and oxy-clean.

Use a gentle detergent such as Dreft or something similar.

NEVER use fabric softener or bleach!!!  (This includes dryer sheets!)

I hang them up to dry either outside, in the bathroom, or in the laundry room.

I place soiled diapers in a cloth-lined basket.  I wash the basket liner with each wash.

Instead of expensive cloth liners, just use plain old boring gerbers cloth liners and fold them. You can get 12 of them for about $1 each and they work just as well, if not better.  You can use these with Gbaby as well.

Fold with the thickest part in the center. Fold over again in half for girls. For boys, just fold the top 1/3 down to concentrate the absorbance where needed.


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