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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

First Day at the Nursery!

Due to my standing weekly appointments, and end-of-the-week list of absolutely essential errands to run, we have decided to place Nathan in the nursery for one day a week. It gives my baby a chance to experience being around other kids, and since he is a social butterfly without a shy bone in him, the Nursery solution was officially commenced today!

After a little research, I found a very nice preschool nursery who had their own classroom for 12-24 month old babies. They teach sign language, expose them to computers/technology, and they even have a library bus come by for them to pick out their own books to take home for the week! I went for a visit to tour the school and their programs, while Nathan got to play a little outside with the other babies. They sent me home with no small stack of endless paperwork to fill out, which I did to return to them later, which I also did. So today, with a heavy, slightly guilty heart, I dropped off my baby boy for his very first day at the Nursery.

Later on that day, since I was a neurotic first-time mom just happened to be driving by, I stopped by to take a quick peek (and picture) of my baby boy’s first day there:

Here is a picture of the class having snack time.  I hid behind the door and snapped pictures while observing Nathan, who had no idea I was even there.  (The director recommended that I not let him see me so that I wouldn’t disturb their routine).

To the right is part of the 1-year old classroom. They have different stations for various activities by subject. They have a science corner with a class fish, sand box, and other things.  A creative area with music, make-believe play.  A reading area with books.  And a technology area with computer keyboards for them to play with.

They have little keyboards for the babies to experiment with. Guess what area Nathan likes best? (keyboards!!!) 🙂

When it was time to pick Nathan up at the nursery, all of the babies were having outside time.

Nathan was happy to see his mommy!!!

Nathan will be going every Friday to the nursery.  His teachers all have said that he is a very happy, sociable boy and that he behaves better than most of their regulars.  The only issue he has is when it comes to nap time.  He doesn’t understand yet that he has to stay on his “cot” bed and take his nap.  I think I will start working on him at home to help him understand the concept.  I did notice that he was very tired when I got him home.  He had a busy, fun day. 🙂


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