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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

How did we get so lucky?

seriously this boy of ours is so amazing!  He has the BEST personality.  Since birth, he never cried except for when he is hungry, dirty, or is not feeling well.  I can count on one hand how often he has been sick.  So he is almost always a complete joy to be around.  (His birthday weekend was an exception, for he was sick AND out of his routine- not a good combination! More about that in a later post). He flirts and smiles at everyone everywhere we go.  On the airplane South for his birthday, he stood so he could look over the back of our seats and smiled, giggled, and said “HIIII!” to the folks behind us. If I had a nickel for every smile he created in those around him, I would be set for life.  He can charm the spots right off of a dog, that boy.

Last night, he was absolutely hilarious as he played and was being so goofy.  He squealed and laughed brought his toys over to us.  He kept getting into things and we caught him, he would laugh and try to speed-crawl away as if he wanted to play a silly game of chase.

Yesterday, he held on to my finger and we walked together into the local bookstore with a cafe.  Every single person there turned to look at him and smiled.  He pointed, flirted, smiled, and laughed at all of the folks.  I was so proud of him, this baby boy of mine.

C confided that he is worried that his personality will change for the worse as he gets more independent and approaches the terrible twos stage.  I told him that whenever a child is loved right, that the love will always bring out the best in them.

Anyhow, this child can make my heart melt.  We are very lucky indeed!


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