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Guess who is Potty trained!!!

Well, sort-of.  Nathan, 13 months, is officially potty trained for all business pertaining to, um, “number 2.”  I started putting him on the potty to go poopy a handful of times and now he refuses to potty in his cloth diapers.  Absolutely nothing traumatic about it.  Like we did with transitioning from his co-sleeper to the crib, I just waited until I noticed signs that he may be ready to start potty training.  Around 11 months old, he started coming up to me whenever he had the urge to go potty. Which reminds me, I did read once that using cloth diapers helps them to potty train pretty early on. So I put him on his potty a few times and praised him abundantly whenever he was successful on the mini-throne.  He definitely understands the concept, at least for poopies.  I have the feeling that if I would be more diligent about putting him on the potty more often that he would probably learn to do number 1 as well.  However, I’m going to wait until he starts showing signs that he is aware of needing to pee before I start working on fully potty training him.  For now, I’m just tickled pink that he does his pooping in the potty, especially since we use cloth diapers.   So every night around 8pm, his bath time, we strip down and have potty time.  He goes poopy and peepee and then he takes his bath.


Bottoms Up

I sometimes hate my guts. Literally, that is.  After years of all sorts of medical, ahem, fun , my remaining intestines are sometimes still a pain in the butt, pun intended.   Thankfully, a good sense of humor about the situation really helps.  So tonight, in lieu of a bout of painful pouch syndrome, I am treating myself to some wine before bed.

On a more serious note, I’ve really been debating lately on if I should include “life with j-pouch” posts in this blog.  In the past, I have openly discussed my deafness and how it affects my day-to-day life.   The truth of the matter is that being a deaf mom and having a j-pouch (with issues) really changes how I go about my daily life with baby.   I did include some pouch issues in my pregnancy posts.  I recently made my blog public to a j-pouch forum for pregnant women.  I did this because I remember how absolutely terrified I felt going through a pregnancy and birth with my pouch and bad belly. I remember wishing that I could have a buddy to talk to about life with the pouch, and so I am hoping that I can do this through this blog.  I KNOW there are tons of women out there with belly issues, some with a j-pouch, some without, and if you are reading this, then here is my toast for you:

It takes an extraordinary amount of courage, strength, and sheer iron will to truly LIVE and embrace each day, no matter what your belly throws at you.  Whatever your walk is in life, and wherever your walk takes you, may you always take a moment to realize what a remarkable woman you are.


Bottoms up! 🙂

Our Cats


We have two female felines who are polar opposites from each other.  Seriously…they are two totally different personalities with opposite physiques. You can see their pictures here.

Lilah is our old, fat, cranky, gorgeously graceful sleek black cat.

Liz is our young, gregarious, shabby buff tabby without a graceful bone in her lanky body. With a misaligned jaw, unbalanced features, and slightly crossed eyes, she reeks of inbreeding and has a face that apparently I am the only one who loves.  Her outgoing, sweet personality more than makes up for her unfortunate aesthetics.

Liz always greets us at the door, tail held high and curious nose checking us out.  Lilah just glances at us annoyingly for disturbing her otherwise peaceful nap.  If you put your nose too close to Lilah, more often than not it will get bitten.  Lizzie, however, will give you kisses on cue.  (On CUE! Cats, as a general rule, NEVER do anything on cue unless it involves immediate gratification of the edible variety. I’m quite proud of this).

One seriously annoying habit that both of our cats do is to seek the warmth of our cable box by our TV in the living room.  The problem is that they somehow always place a strategic paw directly over the cable box’s remote sensor, rendering the remote completely useless to us.  They also seem to do this in the middle of fast-forwarding our favorite shows, so it fast forwards just slow enough that we can follow the story and know what happens, spoiling the point of watching it.  Then, when we try to rewind it, the stupid cable box skips it all the way to the beginning, so we have to fast forward it again to get back to where we left off.

Anyhow, so they place their strategic paws over the sensor and refuse to move it.  It takes a mighty effort to not give in to the urge to throw the remote at them.  Again, our approach to get them to move their paws reflect their different personalities.

With Lilah, the cranky black cat, you have to act like you’re about to throw something at her- and do a convincing job of it.  As a general rule, every 3rd “I’m about to throw this at you if you don’t move” technique has to actually be followed through, or she’ll call your bluff each time thereafter and it becomes useless.  So we yell and scream and threaten (convincingly) to throw this-or-that at her, and finally she’ll move her stinking paw from the sensor.

Speaking of paws, Lilah is our meteorologist-in-residence.  She has arthritic paws, so prior to a cold front she always seeks one of us out to knead our paws on our warm jugular.

Liz, true to form, is the opposite. Yelling, throwing, and threatening only causes her to watch us with a cross-eyed bemused expression on her face.  Being sweet works brilliantly and reliably.  First we have to put aside our annoyance and then plaster the biggest, most kind smile on our faces while sweetly saying her name and making the “I’ll scratch your head” gesture.  Likewise, we also have to follow through about every third time with an actual head-scratching reward, or else she’ll call our bluffs and refuse to budge.

Yet, despite our cat’s annoying habits, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Lilah, whenever the rare mood strikes or her paws need warming, turns into the best little snugbug. She’ll carefully walk over to us and make her unusually friendly approach, ears on us and tail held high.  Once there, she’ll give you gentle kisses let you pet her soft, silky fur and snuggle with you.

Lizzie is my little buddy.  Whatever I do, and wherever I go in the house, Lizzie dutifully follows me without fail.  If I close the door behind me without her inside, she’ll stick her paws under the door begging to be let in with me.  Whenever I was on bedrest with my pregnancy, all I had to do is call her name once and she would instantly be right next to me.  She watched over me many a time through pregnancy morning sickness and even early contractions, looking quite concerned and regularly giving me kisses.  Whenever my mom died or when I found myself near tears from being exhausted with a newborn, Lizzie would always sense my distress and come stay by my side the whole time.

As annoying as they can each be, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

How does the old adage go?  Cats…can’t live with ’em, cat live without ’em.






Big Boy Clothes

I’ve been browsing online for Thanksgiving specials and took a peek at the “big boy” clothes my little guy will finally get to wear next year. Just couldn’t help but to put together some big boy outfits for him! 🙂 (Hmm…I had another pair of pants under the plaid shirts…they were cute grey distressed skinny jeans).

Some other cute things:


LOVE LOVE LOVE these unisex classic sandals( by saltwater sandals)!

New Page for Recipes: Feeding Family

Hi everyone!  I have dedicated a new page called Feeding Family where I will post my family’s favorite recipes.  Right now I have posted a favorite holiday cookie recipe which, believe me, is DELICIOUS and festive!  I think this new Raspberry Thumbprint cookie recipe will be a holiday tradition from here on out.  🙂

If you have any family favorites, send me a message and I’ll be sure to post it here for everyone to enjoy.  Happy Holidays!

Language at 13 months old

Although his pediatrician said that he is 100% on track for his development, I am trying to fight a mild sense of concern over his language (& other) development.  It just seems like he has hit a plateau in his rapid advancement. His social development also seems to not quite be the same, maybe even regressed.  For example, a few months ago he would drop whatever he was playing with and become fixated on a child near him.  He LOVED other kids.  At his play date today, he pretty much refused to interact with the other 2 kids his age.  He just wanted to be left alone so he could play on his own.  He spent most of his time absorbed in one of two toys. I think he may be doing the same at school. He kept trying to get to their MP3 player speaker/docking station.   The other babies his age danced, interacted, tumbled, and played with many different toys while watching each other and the adults present.  Nathan was most definitely the oddball.  Maybe he just doesn’t feel well?  I am just hoping it is not mild aspergers or autism.

He just seems so intense. He stays fixated on things for way longer than I have ever seen in even a child much older than him.  He has an obsession with electronics, which is nothing new, but still different.  I think I could honestly get rid of every single toy and replace them with a bucket of old electrical parts, and he would be in heaven.  He is a little whiz kid when it comes to them.  For example, his first “word” was actually the sign for “light”, an electrical item.  He picked this up on his own, I hardly sign this and never emphasized it with him.  Even as young as 4 months, he would spend tons of time absorbed in manipulating the screens of our iPhones, as evidenced in the picture below:


Nathan, 4 months, concentrating on the iPhone


He understands quite a bit. For example, I can sign/ask him to turn on the light of the fan in our living room. He will go and get the fan remote and turn the light on (and off, and on again).  He does the same for our bedroom.  I can give him simple directions, for example, to tell him to get the ball and throw it, and he will.  He understands: I’m making your bottle; I’m hurrying; let’s go take a bath, it’s on the table, don’t touch, turn on the light, Making a poopy?, where is the cat/dog/mommy/daddy/book/bottle/ball/shoes/car/blankee/binky/daddys shoes/socks, he knows brush your teeth/open your mouth/now you brush your teeth, want to go outside?, let’s go inside, ride in wagon?, let’s go night-night, and so forth.  If he hears the key in the door or if I say that daddy is home, he will say “daddy!” and run to the gate to watch him come in. He signs MOMMY, DADDY, BOTTLE, YES, LIGHT, WHAT IS IT. He recently started combining speech/signing into simple sentences, for example, signing MOMMY while say “HI.” He has been pointing out objects in complex pictures since 11 months.

So…I know the boy is smart, maybe even very smart. What I don’t understand is why his verbal language is not up to par? As a parent, I think it is only natural to blame ones self if something isn’t right with your child.  I can’t help but to wonder if our deafness has something to do with it, perhaps he doesn’t get the same positive reinforcement for speaking as hearing parents naturally do for their children? And why are his social skills seemingly regressing?  It just seems like toddlerhood would bring about even more social interaction, but not so with him.  Sighs.  I just hope everything is okay with my son.  I have acute intuition and so I may just be picking up on signs that would have otherwise been ignored by others and amount to nothing at all.  I surely hope so.





The jaw-dropping Cozy Coupe weekend

For Nathan’s birthday, his great-grandmother sent us back with money to cover a new Cozy Coupe classic car toy.  So this weekend we went to Toys R Us to pick it up for him. While we were there, I brought back a toy house (fisher price laugh and learning home)  that I had gotten him for Christmas while it was on a very good sale.  I had decided that it was too young for him, and that I could find him something that he would enjoy more and for a longer period of time.  So in its stead, we got him a ton of toys. The fun part is that they had a sale where you get one toy free. After swapping out the toys, I paid a net total of $5 something for all of his new gifts! 🙂

We got him fisher price Laugh and Learn music station/video game, rumble and learn car toy,a geotrax train set. I paid a slightly discounted price on the first 2 toys, then got the geotrax train set for free! I also got a Laughing Learn learning mower for free, but that was given to him for his birthday (and he LOVES that thing something fierce!).

These are the toys that I ended up paying $5 for: a “first laptop” Leaptop; a octopus bubble/music station for the bath; another bath toy set; a first CD player, a megablocks dump cart, and a stocking-stuffer car.

So…needless to say, I am REALLY excited about my baby boy’s first “real” and memorable Christmas.  I am also happy because he will have some decent toys for inside this winter to play with. This is because, aside from his first birthday gifts, he only has one small basket of toys and his walking/riding toy.  Most of the toys in the basket are for infants anyhow, and he is more than ready for some serious upgrades.  This combined with the AWESOME prices and deals found well within our budget makes me tickled pink about his upcoming Santa Day! 🙂

As for other news, we went to a new church that is closer to home and really enjoyed it.  I ran into several moms from the MOPS mom’s group and got to introduce my handsome boy to them.  I also met some very nice deaf folks, which is always great because we have an instant bond almost like a brotherhood of sorts.  Among them was a funny young couple around our age who were expecting their first son any day now.  I am looking forward to seeing them again and it was so nice to be able to sign fluently among my peers once more.

Oh! I also went ahead and bought our turkey for thanksgiving. It is a honkin’ 2o-something pounder and I only paid $13+ for it!!!

Thus concludes our fun, jaw-dropping Cozy Coupe weekend. 🙂

MOPS group

My neighbor, S, invited me to go with her tonight to her church’s Moms of Preschoolers group (MOPS).  It was scheduled from 6:30pm until 9. I was SO excited because this is the first “night out” that I have had since before Nathan was born while pregnant.  So today I rushed to get groceries, cook dinner, clean up after cooking, finish all of the cleaning and laundry I had left, and then I got everything laid out for C to take care of Nathan for the evening. C was such a sweetheart about my big night out. He made sure he came home early enough for me to leave on time and was completely supportive about things. S picked me up and away we went!

We arrived at the (huge) church and went to their activity/indoor basketball court for the MOPS meeting.  When we arrived, they had a long table with everything needed to paint your own piece of pottery.  I chose to paint Nathan a little piggy bank using colors to match his room.  They had tons of great food and tasty hot chocolates for us to enjoy.  We sat around large round tables and chatted amiably with fellow moms while painting.  I met a lot of really nice women, one who had a son named Nathan James! Small world. 🙂

I started to feel a little guilty about half-way through about leaving my baby at home, but I pushed those thoughts aside and focused on enjoying my time there.  We both finished our work right around 9pm. I got up to help where I could to clean up, and then we said our good-byes and headed home.  When I got home, I peeked into the nursery and Nathan peeked back, so I went ahead and picked up my baby boy and rocked him.

I noticed that C had dressed him in his heaviest fleece pajamas and that Nathan was sweating in the warm temperature, so I changed him into some lighter clothing. Then I rocked him and sang to him, which he showed his appreciation by looking up at me and smiling.  I sang to him a little lullaby I made up for him:

I will always love you

I will ALWAYS love you

Mommy always loves you… my baby, BABY boy…

I am hoping that if I sing these words enough to him, that he will never forget my love for him not matter what happens to me.  After singing to him, I laid him down in his crib and quietly closed the door.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful night.

Thanksgiving Planning

I have decided to go with a Cajun Thanksgiving theme this year.  (No, possum pie and alligator stew will NOT be on the menu).  I have been flipping through my handy-dandy LSU cookbook for some interesting recipes.  My dad’s side of the family all hail from Louisiana, so my childhood was sprinkled with Mardi Gras, crawfish boils, and other Cajun events. I even have a Parian, French-Cajun for “godfather.”  (We pronounce the word, “Pie-van” which I guess comes more from the Cajun dialect, lol). It is a history that I will pass along to my son.

So far, I have considering the following recipes:

I went to our local supermarket and picked up a huge ham ($1-something a pound!) and several bags of peeled crawfish tails.  Chicken broth, stuffing mix, and other Thanksgiving staples are on sale now so I went ahead and stocked up on those too.  🙂


Nathan had a wonderful, chilly, halloween! I dressed him up as a dinosaur and we took him trick-or-treating around the neighborhood in his birthday wagon. A dear friend of mine came over and helped us hand out candy.  I decorated the yard and set up a table with food for the neighbors to stop by for a bite while they were out.  We had a fire pit going and I put a safety gate around it to make sure no little ones got anywhere near it.   Since it was so cold, I ended up bringing Nathan inside to change into something warmer.  I put him in his snow suit, snow boots, gloves, a warm coat, and several layers under it and THEN put a blanket on top of him.  He was so warm and cozy that he sat on my lap and didn’t move a muscle the whole time.

We also went pre-trick-or-treating with the neighbors at their church.  They lined up their cars in a huge circle with the back of the cars facing the center.  They all opened their trunks and each car had their own themes and people handing out the candy.

I think for next year I will hand out warm cider instead of food to the parents.  I will also try to get better photos (sorry about this time).  Anyhow, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I need to get busy and plan the recipes….

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