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The jaw-dropping Cozy Coupe weekend

For Nathan’s birthday, his great-grandmother sent us back with money to cover a new Cozy Coupe classic car toy.  So this weekend we went to Toys R Us to pick it up for him. While we were there, I brought back a toy house (fisher price laugh and learning home)  that I had gotten him for Christmas while it was on a very good sale.  I had decided that it was too young for him, and that I could find him something that he would enjoy more and for a longer period of time.  So in its stead, we got him a ton of toys. The fun part is that they had a sale where you get one toy free. After swapping out the toys, I paid a net total of $5 something for all of his new gifts! 🙂

We got him fisher price Laugh and Learn music station/video game, rumble and learn car toy,a geotrax train set. I paid a slightly discounted price on the first 2 toys, then got the geotrax train set for free! I also got a Laughing Learn learning mower for free, but that was given to him for his birthday (and he LOVES that thing something fierce!).

These are the toys that I ended up paying $5 for: a “first laptop” Leaptop; a octopus bubble/music station for the bath; another bath toy set; a first CD player, a megablocks dump cart, and a stocking-stuffer car.

So…needless to say, I am REALLY excited about my baby boy’s first “real” and memorable Christmas.  I am also happy because he will have some decent toys for inside this winter to play with. This is because, aside from his first birthday gifts, he only has one small basket of toys and his walking/riding toy.  Most of the toys in the basket are for infants anyhow, and he is more than ready for some serious upgrades.  This combined with the AWESOME prices and deals found well within our budget makes me tickled pink about his upcoming Santa Day! 🙂

As for other news, we went to a new church that is closer to home and really enjoyed it.  I ran into several moms from the MOPS mom’s group and got to introduce my handsome boy to them.  I also met some very nice deaf folks, which is always great because we have an instant bond almost like a brotherhood of sorts.  Among them was a funny young couple around our age who were expecting their first son any day now.  I am looking forward to seeing them again and it was so nice to be able to sign fluently among my peers once more.

Oh! I also went ahead and bought our turkey for thanksgiving. It is a honkin’ 2o-something pounder and I only paid $13+ for it!!!

Thus concludes our fun, jaw-dropping Cozy Coupe weekend. 🙂


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