Just another mom blog…

For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Random updates

Small updates:

  • Nathan’s chubby baby legs have been replaced by the long, lean legs of a toddler.  I’m quite upset by this.  I mean, what’s next? Hair?
  • “Bub-bay mommy!”  Nathan can’t quite say the word, “Bye.”  It comes out sounding like, “bay.”  So when we leave he tells us, “Bub-bay!”
  • He still drags out the word, “Hi.”  It is cute though, because he walks around with a cheery, “HIIIIIIIII!” Over and over again.
  • He somehow figured in his mind that the sign for THIS and signs it when he wants something.  He also likes to sign HAT and will then put random objects on his head, as if anything on his head is a HAT.
  • He is quite found of his “-ath.”  He can’t say the full word, bath, so he just says “-ath.”
  • He wears a size 5 shoe, 12-18 month pants, 24-2T tops, and size 3-4 hats.
  • He likes to stack his toys.
  • He says “uh-oh,” THEN he drops something.  If you say “uh-oh” to him, he’ll look around on the ground for the presumed dropped object.
  • When he hears the keypad of the front door beeping, he says “da-DEE” and runs to the top of the stairs where the gate is to wait for his Daddy.  It’s quite cute.
  • He likes to kiss the cats.  The cats don’t like to be kissed.  At all.

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