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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The Impostor

To whomever kidnapped my sweet, even-tempered baby and left this teething, unholy terror in his place, please return my child back to me soon. Very soon. Thanks.

Last night I bathed and dressed my smiley, happy boy and then gave him his night-night bottle.  After he played for a little while, I scooped him up and settled in the nursery rocker to read him a book before bed.  As usual, I laid him down in his crib, turned on piano music, dimmed his chandelier light, and closed the door.  He went to bed without a fuss like he normally does.  My last thoughts of the night was thinking of going to get groceries and what meals I would need to buy for. I went to sleep with a smile, feeling blessed to have such a sweet child for a Son.

Then morning came, Nathan woke up,  and all hell broke loose.

I went into his nursery and picked him up. The first sign that something was amiss was that he had managed to work himself into a hiccupy sobbing in the short time it took me to wake up and go get him.  I calmed him down, changed his diaper, and sat him down so that I could make his bottle.  He then proceeded to throw the biggest tantrum I have ever seen.  I tried to give him his bottle, hold him, sooth him, but he did not want anything to do with me.  He kicked and screamed, slapped the bottle out of my hands, and screamed some more.  I decided to ignore it, or at least try to, in hope that he would learn that tantrums will not win any points with me.  I laid him down on the floor, and he threw himself onto the floor kicking and screaming some more.  I continued to ignore him, stopping a few times to try and calm him down, but just didn’t want anything to do with me or anything I offered to him.

It felt like the tantrum lasted forever, but I would say the whole tantrum and resulting bad mood lasted about 20 minutes.  Eventually, he accepted the blankee and binky and allowed me to hold him.  However, his bad moods lasted well into the evening and left me feeling frustrated and tired.  Not to mention the fact that I really need to go to the store but just can’t bring this ill-tempered child with me and risk serious tantrums.

That being said, I know for a fact that this is due to his four new teeth trying to come in.  I feel bad for my child hurting and just wish I could do more to comfort him.  His pediatrician said to give him some baby tylenol.  In general I hate giving him medication, but seeing that he is feeling miserable, I went ahead and gave him some.  Shortly after, he started to feel better and is acting better.

I have no idea how long this teething episode will last, but I’m hoping (wishing and praying) that it ends soon and I have my sweet boy back again.

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