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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Colds and Toofies

Today, while Nathan was at school, I went to our local supermarket and stocked up on supplies to launch WWIII on this blasted double-whammy cold/teething episode of his.  Here’s what I did:

  • When he got home from school, he was congested and tired. I let him take his nap in his swing, thinking that it would be a more comfortable position given his congested state.
  • I made a immune-boosting concoction using 1 part fruit-flavored pediatlyte solution to 1 part Vitamin C smoothie (oranges, mangoes, cherries, whatever else).  He loved it!
  • I fed him chicken and stars soup, followed by a bath using Johnson and Johnson’s soothing vapor bath.  Before his bath, I used the suction bulb to suction out his nose.  I closed off the doors leading to the bathroom, and filled the tub via the shower for maximum steam with the soothing vapors.  I then let him stay in the tub as long as he wanted.
  • I got him dressed in lighter-weight pajamas (heat makes you cough more), and rubbed some Vick’s vapor rub for babies on his chest and neck.
  • I gave him some hylands teething tables and 1/2 dose of infant pain reliever.
  • I gave him lots of cuddles and love to reassure him and make him feel a little better

He then went to bed without a fuss and has now been asleep for over 3 hours!

I was going to set up the inflatable bed in his room so that he could safely share sleep on the same bed, but our air pump is broken and the only other choice was to make do with blankets on the hard-wood floor.  Thankfully, doing the above steps really helped him feel tons better and he is doing fine sleeping in his crib as usual.

Tomorrow, I will continue the vitamin c smoothing drinks and the other steps until he feels better. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will get plenty of uninterrupted sleep tonight.  I fancy a full night’s rest myself!


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