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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Annual IVF/Reproductive Clinic Christmas Party

Tonight we got to go to our Reproductive/IVF clinic’s annual Christmas party. Price of admission? One precious miracle baby.

This was our second time going. Last year we brought our itsty-bitsy 6 week old and proudly showed him off to anyone and everyone.  It was so nice the first time around because the doctors and nurses and staff grew close to our hearts during our journey toward achieving pregnancy.  Month after month of tests, office visits, regular calls/emails helped to create a relationship unlike any other found in the medical world.  After week 9 or so of pregnancy, they had to turn my care over to a regular OB-GYN and so they were left wondering about our pregnancy outcome and new family. That combined with our endless gratitude for their efforts toward helping us have our baby just makes these annual visits all the more special to us.

We had a great time visiting and took a few pictures. We ran into our neighbors who also had a boy in October, two weeks before us.  We got to see another couple who had twins two years ago.

Pictures: The other folks in the pictures, aside from the clown, are some of the physicians who worked hard to help us have our miracle baby:

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