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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Tenacious Innovation

I would like to announce a very important new development in our household:

Drum roll please….

Tonight, for the first time EVER, I actually found enough hair on Nathan’s noggin to apply both shampoo AND conditioner! (Whoop whoop!!!)

After his bath we usually have snuggle time before bed.  I found myself nuzzling his little (big) noggin.  His hair was so soft! I think my boy will have really nice hair one of these days.  It is a dirty blond/light brown color and has a slight wave to it.  It is not smooth like silk, but soft and fluffy like down feathers which is just as nice.  🙂 So proud of my little guy.

Tonight we also got to see a little more of his personality.  Namely, the traits of tenacity and great problem-solving innovation.


He kept trying to put his big ball onto the top of his coupe car on the roof.  There are two problems with this, one is that it is not a flat surface, so the ball rolls off.  He doesn’t know this because of problem number two, which is that the roof is way above his head, certainly further than his little arms can reach.  So he tried again…and again….and again to put the ball onto the roof.  The he got an idea…

Problem solving innovation:

He backed up, then used a nearby coffee table to bounce the ball up and onto the roof of the car! Now that was smart of him. I mean for a 13-month old to A) have an attention span longer than many adults, B) have the integrity to see the job at hand through, and C) have a good enough grasp of physics to throw a ball down onto a table to get it to bounce high enough up to reach the roof! Wow.

He is a very focused little guy.  Recently he was trying to get a mug off of the table, but it was out of reach.  He tried for about a minute, got frustrated, then toddled off.  He appeared a few seconds later with a cooking/utensil spoon from the cabinet.  He first tried to use the spoon end to tap the mug.  The second time doing this he obviously got an idea and turned the spoon around so that the long handle was facing away from him.  He then aimed the handle of the spoon at the handle of the mug.  He hooked the spoon through the handle, then slowly pulled the mug toward him until he could reach it with his bare hands. It took him a good 4 minutes of the task to reach his goal, which is an eternity in toddler time.

Another funny story:

One evening he was sitting on my lap and I was on my iPhone but holding it out of his reach.  He obviously wanted me to give him the phone, so I told him that he couldn’t have it.  He started to whine, and I repeated myself.  He then smiled, and leaned over and gave me a kiss while reaching for the phone again.  I told him thank you for the kiss, but that he still couldn’t have the phone. So he gave me another kiss, hoping that I would fall for his charming attempts to convince me to give him the phone!

He never did get the phone because I stick to my guns and mean what I say.  However, I did praise him a lot for being so sweet and we went and read a book, which he loves.  🙂


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