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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

A day in the life…

Let me just explain a how a typical day cleaning is almost impossible with a toddler.

I’ll start with a simple goal…to load the dishes into the dishwasher:

  • I open dishwasher and manage to get exactly two glasses loaded when Nathan runs over to see what mommy is doing
  • I turn to get more dishes, he pulls some dirty dishes out
  • I tell him no and attempt to redirect him several times(unsuccessfully) as he keeps returning to the dishwasher
  • I give up and decide to vacuum instead
  • I plug in the vacuum and then he unplugs it again
  • I redirect him and then he makes it his mission to stand right in front of my cleaning path constantly, thinking its a game
  • I try to redirect him to finish what I am doing, he starts to cry and wants a bottle and to be held
  • I get him settled and then it is time for his nap, so I can’t do anything noisy like vacuuming or dishes
  • I do laundry instead, but before I can get them put away, he wakes up again and wants lunch
  • We eat lunch.
  • He puts half of it onto the floor and wants more
  • He finishes so I put him down so I can clean up the floor and his tray
  • He runs into the living room and pulls EVERY SINGLE item I have folded on to the floor
  • He puts one of the socks into the toilet
  • I realize what he is doing and fuss and redirect him
  • he gets mad and throws a tantrum, which I ignore and refold the clothes
  • I open the cabinets to put the re-folded towels up,
  • Nathan runs to see what mommy is doing, grabs a bottle of tylenol and runs off with it
  • I chase after him, he cries when I take it from him and wants a bottle
  • While I am fixing his bottle, he runs to the cabinets and pulls the towels out, then pulls the broom onto his head and cries
  • I sooth him, give him his bottle, then try to fix the towels again….
  • And so it continues like this….and continues…and continues…

I am sure that all of you moms of toddlers out there are nodding your heads at this because you know exactly what I am talking about.  With a 14-month old, or at least mine, I can’t really discipline him in time out or anything because he doesn’t understand that concept yet.  So I am just forced to redirect his attention a gazilion times a day and still try to clean up after him and keep him content and actually get stuff done.  For the life of me, I cannot seem to get this toddler-cleaning thing figured out.  Oh well…this time, though frustrating, will be over before I know it.


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One thought on “A day in the life…

  1. You just described my day to. a. T. So glad we are in it together. Good times.

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