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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Mr. Organization. Kind of. Not really.

I’ve spent the entire day cleaning and yet my house is still a mess.  How is this possible? Oh that’s right, I have a toddler.

Lately Nathan is experimenting with his new-found skill: organizing.  The organization skills of a toddler are questionable, or at the very least, it leaves much to be desired.  At first I thought it was cute when he started to put his balls into the pots & pans cabinet.  It didn’t bother me at all. Why should it?  It’s just a few balls that are easily removed when I need to get a pot out.

Then he decided to expand his skills and chaos broke out. So far I have found:

  • A bow from under the tree + 2 spoons + deodorant in his clothes hamper
  • Jar from the recycle bin + several shoes (his and mine) in his dirty cloth diaper basket
  • Coat hanger + remote in his diaper genie (gross)
  • Two toy cars + computer wire in the air vent (he pulled the grate up first)
  • Paper towels + sock in the other air vent
  • He moved some of his socks and put them in his pants drawer
  • Put his sippy cup + pants in his shirt drawer
  • Throws half of his toys over the gate and down the stairs to litter the foyer
  • More cooking utensils + tupperware lids + snack food in my clean clothes laundry hamper

Needless to say, I am *really* looking forward to the day when I can ask (beg and bribe) him to pick up his own toys.  What a fabulous day that will be!



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