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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


To be totally honest, we had a bit of a rough start Christmas Eve, but things turned out great on Christmas Day.

Nathan especially had himself a great one. His dad stayed up late to put together his gifts from his grandparents and Santa.  Here is what he awoke to:

He opened a few gifts from under the tree on Christmas Eve. This is a tradition from my Dad’s side of the family that my relatives brought over from Germany. The German Christmas tradition is that we open all under-the-tree gifts on Christmas Eve at night after our big Christmas Eve dinner which usually includes duck, turkey, or pheasant.  We stay up as late as we want to.  Then on Christmas morning, we wake up to all of our nicest gifts from Santa.  We then take it easy the rest of the day and eat leftovers from Christmas eve and desserts.

For Nathan, we’re doing a hybrid of sorts of our traditions.  We eat the traditional German meal on Christmas eve, then we open a few gifts.  Santa comes overnight and brings us the rest of the nicer gifts for us to wake up to on Christmas day.  Then we cook again for the Christmas Day meal instead of eating leftovers. This year we went to Nathan’s Auntie’s for a fabulous meal that night and really enjoyed it.  🙂

We had a few mishaps this Christmas as C was on a self-mauling binge of sorts.  Among other things, he walked on glass with his bear feet and stabbed himself in the thigh about 1.5″ deep. That aside, it turned out to be a really nice Christmas.


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