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Breast Cancer Scare

An alarming fact has come to my attention. My formally tiny, pea-sized lump in my breast has doubled in size, gotten harder, and feels irregular in shape.  I kid you not. I am very young, but I due to my family history I have a 10-20% chance of getting breast cancer at some point in my life.  Take into consideration that I loaded up on hormones during our fertility saga, one of which was estrogen, which I do believe ‘feeds’ tumors in some form or another. That scares me silly.

Since I just lost my mother a year ago to breast cancer, I fought the urge to hit my PANIC button and instead hit the ‘net for some real facts to calm my fears. Here are some facts:

I’m only in my late 20s, so I can’t get breast cancer, right?

Totally not true, women in their 20’s and 30’s, though few in number, do get breast cancer, even the aggressive kinds.  In fact, around 10% of breast cancer diagnoses occur in young women in their 20s and early 30s. This equals 70,000 women a year. Here are a few of them:



Every lump is cancerous, right?

No. In fact, 8 out of 10 breast lumps are benign, although some benign lumps can increase your odds of cancer.

That’s as far as I got with my initial research (mommy duties call).  Still, I called in to my GP doctor’s nurse and just placed a general inquiry, with details, as to what, exactly, should I do about this, if anything?  I have no idea what to expect. The nurse tossed around some possibilities: mammogram, specialist breast exam, and the like.  All of this for a 80% chance of a totally benign little bugger hanging around where it darn well shouldn’t be.

All of this led my mind to unhealthy, emotion-driven thoughts that I should have stopped before it spiraled out of control due to panic.  I got to thinking about what I would do if I were to be diagnosed with cancer at this age, or any age really.  The fact that I witnessed my mom go through all sorts of medical hell for 9 years doesn’t help me have a positive perspective on breast cancer treatment, namely, chemo and surgeries.

If they want to do a mastectomy, they can just hack my girls right off, there is not much of them anyways and I would be in and out of the OR in like an hour or so.  No biggie. Plus, I get the added bonus of breast reconstruction with implants.  Cancerous mini-boobs for new honkin big ones? Not a bad trade-off. Even C would like them.

Hit PANIC button

The whole prospect of chemo, radiation, and “exploratory surgeries” (which usually involves cracking the chest open at some point) comes to mind and that’s where I find myself wanting to draw the line.  All I can think of is how I was whenever I was pregnant and vomiting all the time.  Me on chemo would render me in such a state that any zombie on The Walking Dead would be given a run for his money.  I simply do not have the reserve to fight cancer in this little ole body of mine.

See what I mean? My mind went to a totally unhealthy place in light of this breast lump scare.  Odds are significantly in my favor (benign lump or less) and so I do not need to worry myself with such things.

Anyhow…I am currently waiting for my GP to give me a call as to what I should do about this.  Will update later.

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2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Scare

  1. Ann Williams on said:


    I will pray that you are JUST fine.

    If not, I’m with you… lop those babies off and get some nice pretty new ones. Pronto.

    I’ve had too many friends do the opposite, suffer too much, wait too long, etc., etc.,



  2. Jenn,

    I know you are worried and you have every right to be, but wait until you see and dr and find out the results. My mom always said don’t borrow trouble. In my life I have learned to try and not worry until I had to; until you know the results of something.

    Love you

    Ma Hearn

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