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Just Had to share! An AMAZING story…

…featuring one of our adoptable foster kitties from our rescue, Rescue Angels,Inc.

This kitty, Faith, is an example of why we (those in animal rescue) do what we do.  Faith has quite a story. She was living in a Church parking lot where people were at least feeding her but then somehow she was injured. Horribly, painfully broken. Faith’s femur bone was broken and was protruding from her hip – we hate to think of what happpened to her. She continued to struggle, living in the parking lot for a week or so like that. We can only imagine how hard it was and how much pain she was in. Someone eventualy called animal control where she was then taken to a county shelter! Thank goodness a kind soul offered to take her to a vet right then and there – an angel was surely looking out. Our rescue happened to be at the vet the night she was brought in. When we went back to her cage, she was hooked up to an IV and barely had the strength to lift her head – but when we touched her she purred and looked up with absolute pure trust and gratitude.

After all she had been through, she was still kind and forgiving. Hence the name Faith. She never gave up. Faith had surgery to remove her mangled leg the next day and we took her into a foster home in our rescue. She was an excellent patient. Never complained, and seemed just so very thankful to be loved and cared for. It was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders and she could finally rest. Faith easily let her foster mom care for her wound and was always loving in return.

She continued to grow stronger and has healed perfectly. No scar at all and she is in no pain. Faith is just missing a leg but to her she has the world. She gets around like any other normal kitty – she climbs the sisal scratching posts, she jumps up and down off furniture and beds, she always uses her litter box and has just adapted fabulously. She has exceeded our expectations. It is a beautiful thing to see how forgiving and resilient animals are.  She is everything a kitty should be and we are grateful to have been able to help her get to be a “normal” kitty. No more bad life! Won’t you consider opening your home for a special needs girl who will give you 150% back!

If you are interested in adopting Faith, sponsoring a pet, or donating to our rescue, please visit our website:

Rescue Angles, Inc.

Adoptions include:

  • Spay/Neuter already done IF old enough
  • Shots & deworm
  • Frontline or Revolution treated
  • Cats are Feline Leukemia/Aids tested negative
  • Dogs are Heartworm tested & started on preventative
  • 24 PetWatch Nationally Micro-chipped
  • We adopt INDOOR ONLY kitties and family house dogs

FALL & WINTER SPECIAL: ALL cats and kittens are 35.00 Unless otherwise noted


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