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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

Called the surgeon…

Friday I had several video relay phone messages regarding my breast surgeon appointment with Dr. Jennifer M. at the cancer center in Cinci.   I called the following Monday because they were closed by the time I got those phone messages, but they were apparently closed on Monday as well.  I left two messages for them to call me back, saying that they can schedule me for any day and any time for this week and to just let me know when and I will be there.

I never received a call back, so I called them again on Tuesday after lunch around 3pm.  They said that they did not have any openings and that I would just have to wait until the 28th to go see her. Sighs.  I was careful not to get my hopes up about potentially scheduling earlier and getting this whole thing over with as soon as possible.

As a side note I had absolutely horribly pouch pain today.  Even when I took the pain medication, I had trouble walking due to the pain and I don’t know why today is particularly bad.  The usual natural pain relief things I do have barely made a dent in the pain. I will just grin and bear it and not let it get me down.

Anyhow, lots of new things have been happening in Nathan’s development at 16 months old.

He can talk.  I had no idea until a hearing person pointed it out to me. He can ask, “What is it?” while signing that he wants a bottle, to go night night, or food.  After she pointed it out, I started to pay closer attention to his enunciation and I am starting to rapidly learn his particular style.  He pronounces it like, “Wah-TEE ees et.”  He also says “Tickle tickle tickle!” and it lipreads like a rapid-fire “Tickah-tickuh-tickuh” which is very similar to how we say it.

He can say “It is baby” and Mommy Baby, referring to me calling him Mommy’s baby.  When C comes home he says “It daddy! It daddy. It daddy!”    If he gets into something and I fuss at him, he says “Bad baby, baby bad” with a charming smile on his face. He also asks me, “What is that” and it looks like he is saying “ah ees tat.” He says several other things and sentences but I have not been able to decipher it yet. I am hoping to get with some hearing friends and have them help me out with it.

He understands sentences well in both sign and speech.  For example, I can either completely sign only or tell him verbally that he has more food on his table or to find a ball and bring it to me. The other day, I signed CAT to  him and he went and got his book with the cat picture in it.  When he sees a dinosaur in his book, he says “Roooaaaar!”

He has an impressive sense of justice.  If I take something from him that he knows he is not supposed to have, he usually willingly gives it up  without much ado.  However, if he knows it is ok for him to have, he immediately starts to cry and just crumbles, as if he is genuinely hurt that I would be so unfair.  I almost always give it back once I realize that I had mistakenly taken something from him and tell him that I am sorry and that it is alright.  Once it is back in his hand, he smiles and resumes his activity.  He is a sweet, sensitive child.

I’m starting to work on teaching him more signs and verbal words.  I am just not confident yet with verbal language and him so I mainly focus on signing and speaking the words to him.  He still comes up with alternative means of communication. When he is done eating, he throws his food on the floor.  It is nothing new, he has been doing that for as long as he has had finger food.  However, what is new is that now when he is done with his bath, he’ll start throwing his toys out of the tub as well.  🙂

One of the cuter things that he does is that when C comes home, he usually picks him up and holds him while he talks to me about his day. Nathan, however, wants his dad’s full attention so he will grab C’s face and physically make C turn and look back at him instead of at me!

He also mimics both of us if we fuss at him.  He will say Mommy or daddy followed by a stern tongue-lashing in absolute gibberish.  It’s pretty cute.


I finally gave in and found some toddler games for him to play with.  I was absolutely shocked at how quickly he grasped the concept of this spelling game.  For this game, it has a picture of something, like a cat for example. At the bottom of the screen is a card with one letter each on it, spelling CAT. The letters are scrambled, not in order.  The object is to correctly move the correct card into the matching slot to spell the word CAT.  I showed him a few times and then he physically moved my hands out of the way so he could do it and he did it!

I am going to find some more games for him to play on my phone since he really enjoys it.


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