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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


Nathan was being SO bad today!  He was deliberately testing me today as he repeatedly got into things that he knows he is not allowed to do (curio cabinet, trash, recycle bin).  By repeatedly, I mean a dozen times each and most often in a row.  For example:

He opened the trash lid, I scolded him and redirected him. He did this a half a dozen times, often while looking me in the eye and easing his hands toward the forbidden trash can.  He signed that he wanted his bottle. I turned to fix his bottle and then saw him dig into the trash again. I scolded and redirected, offering him his favorite toy. He slapped it out of my hands.  I turned back to fix his bottle.  He went and opened the pots and pans cabinet door. I told him no and to close the door, which he did. He again looked me in the eye as he eased his hand toward the forbidden door.  I said no, he pretended to walk off, I then resumed bottle-fixing.  He went and opened the curio drawer. I ran to close it and told him no. While I picked up my fine silver off of the floor, he went back and helped himself into the pots and pan cabinet.

I closed it and kept it closed with my foot because my hands were once again attempting to fix his bottle for him. He bit my foot….

and so it goes on and on and on….

He took a nap.  He then woke up and was cranky and fussy.  That’s when I began to suspect that maybe he was not feeling well.  He lacked any definitive symptoms no cough, fever, or GI symptoms were present. However, his unusual behavior, crankiness, and clinging to me raised the alarm that something must not be right. As of now, tonight, he has not shown any symptoms but is still misbehaving.

By the time C got home this afternoon, I was feeling very irritated.  I felt guilty because he could be feeling bad and Moms are not supposed to feel irritated.  (It is a double standard though, because Dads are allowed to be impatient and irritated while Moms are not and it is frowned upon if they are).

Regardless, I am proud because even when I am irritated with misbehavior, I stay calm and consistent with him.  I do not act impatient toward him and I am proud of this.

Days like today really make me appreciate what all of the other moms out there go trough as well, especially those with several  children and single moms.  Lots of moms out there do not have the luxury of a helpful spouse to help make those trying days better.  A huge hats off to all of you moms out there! (And THANK you C!)

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