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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)


On Monday, 6 days ago, I started noticing that Nathan was not acting like he normally does.  He was clingy, sleepy, and didn’t want to eat much.  I did not notice a fever. Tuesday he started to feel warm that night, but no new symptoms appeared and Monday’s symptoms continued.  All day Wednesday, he had a higher temperature (102) that would not come down even with OTC fever medication.  Thursday, his temp went up again and then he had a bowel movement with a good bit of blood.  I made an appointment to see his doctor as soon as he would see him.  The doctor checked his bottom for fissures (cuts caused by constipation) and found none.  If the bleeding wasn’t from a visible cut, then it must be from inside.  So he sent us over to Children’s Hospital to the ER with a referral to have his colon evaluated via ultrasound. The ultrasound was normal, so they sent us home and said that his fever was due to a unknown virus.

He had fever until Saturday and the fever went away. However, I noticed that he was developing a rash Saturday night.  He had a few spots behind his ears, the base of his scalp by his neck, on his face and *I think* a few spots on his back and chest.  This morning he had more dense spots on his face, behind his ears, the entire back of his head under his hair, and a few more spots on his chest and back.  Over the course of the morning, his fever spiked again and his rash/spots has become more and more dense.  No other symptoms are present.

Sunday, his rash grew more sense and spread to his diaper area. No fevers. Called after hours nurse and they gave me instructions.

Monday morning- the rash looked tons better and seems to be fading.


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