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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

“Patiently” Waiting…

I have spent the weekend and past few days trying to wait patiently for the surgeon to call.  I am nervous because of the not yet biopsied tumor number 2, which isn’t getting any smaller, you know?  It is beginning to cause some discomfort as well.  It feels like sharp/stabbing pains that radiate away from the smaller tumor longitudinally. My nerves are frazzled from this entire experience. If you have been through this before, then you know exactly what I am talking about…

Ok, for an update…at 4:30 I decided that Dr. Jennifer was not going to call me back today or else she would have already called me.  So I called her office placing a general inquiry as to what Dr. Jennifer’s plans are for me. The staff lady said that Dr. J wants me to discuss with my ENT surgeon about my options for solving the cochlear implant magnets issue.  I emailed the surgeon who promptly responded with a number for me to call him at.

He basically said that I can either wait until one of the ENT’s can remove the magnet, which will be a month away at best. Or I can sign a consent form allowing them to do the MRI with the magnets intact.  Due to this second tumor causing discomfort and the anxiety it is causing me, I opted to just sign the consent allowing me to have the MRI done sooner. I emailed the cancer surgeon, Dr. J, and told her of my decision so that we can move forward with this.

Let me just add that all of this occurred within the last 30 minutes of office hours with a crying, cranky child. This child has been awakened from a salesman knocking on my door for the second day in a row.  This guy somehow always manages to knock when I am unable to answer the door and when my child is taking his evening nap.  His 30 second action of door knocking resulted in an entire afternoon of a seriously cranky toddler on my hands.  I am sure that he will be back tomorrow. I am not sure if I will answer the door yet because I do not think I will be able to prevent myself from an unsolicited get-together between my fist and his nose.  I think I will just leave a note instead asking him to leave me the heck alone, there is a napping toddler in residence, thankyouverymuch. Sighs.

Oh well. At least I am making headway on this health issue.


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