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For this child, I have prayed. (Samuel 1:27)

The Little Red Car

This is a blog about absolutely nothing except for an ordinary weekend in an ordinary life.  I feel the need to write things down for future reference. You know, a glimpse into my day-to-day life as a twenty-eight year old mom of a toddler. These details will be more precious as time goes on, this I know.

Where has the time gone?  With a heavy heart, I found and purchased my son an Easter outfit.  There is absolutely nothing babyish about it.  I found myself (sheepishly) looking for a 2T bubble outfit, and even went as far as to come up with a very convincing argument for letting him wear it for my husband, who will no doubt express (loudly) just what he thinks about his son in a bubble suit.  Despite my best efforts, I did not fine one.  It turned out to be for the best, since those bubble suits are meant to show off the adorable, chubby legs of an infant.  Nathan’s chubby little thighs have long since been replaced by the lean legs of toddler hood.  (I shouldn’t be sad that my boy is getting bigger, right?)

After he went to bed tonight, I cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher.  I almost went ahead and washed another load of clothes, but I really love the smell of laundering clothes and didn’t want to miss it because of going to bed. Speaking of, I have a confession to make: I sometimes will run a ridiculously small load of whites just so I can add in rain-scented bleach and make the house smell nice and clean.  I don’t feel too badly about this and here is why: I once heard of a woman, on TV I think it was, telling the world that she will fill her sink with bleach or pine sol to make it smell like she has been cleaning when her husband gets home. True story.

I wonder how often us moms get caught up in the business of rearing children and doing our fair share of managing our duties and forget to remember how blessed we really are?  I know that for me, even the hardest, worst day as a mom still makes my best pre-mommy days look so bland. On one of my worst mommy days, I remember sitting there in my pajamas at noon, sick with a cold and sleep deprived,  trying to get a feverish young baby to latch on an nurse. The word ‘miserable’ pretty much sums up how I was feeling at that moment. However, I distinctly recall feeling happy inside. Becoming a mom turned my orderly world upside down- and I am tickled pink about it.

After I cleaned, I then found myself picking up his toys off of the living room floor. I had picked up all but one toy- his little car in the middle of the kitchen. I started to also pick it up as well but stopped myself and had an “ah-ha” moment of sorts.  Something very important occurred to me.  I realized that this little car serves as a reminder that I have been blessed with one of God’s greatest blessings- a child. So what if it is in the middle of the floor?  Besides, I worked very hard bringing this little boy into the world and I would at least like to see evidence of my efforts.

That little red car is still in the kitchen where it is waiting to greet me with a sweet, “You’ve been blessed!” reminder in the morning.


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